Growth August 4, 2020

Tip: Validate Your Marketing Angle/Idea Using Facebook Ads

Hernan Vazquez @hvazquez07

Hey guys!

I just wanted to drop this quick tip to get some early validation on new marketing angles, product ideas, or new marketing funnels using Facebook ads.

The idea behind this strategy is that, for you to validate your idea on your own website, you need to get X amount of visitors or X amount of clicks.

What you're doing here is to bring the idea validation phase to your advertising, so that it will accelerate your exposure.

In short, more people are seeing your stuff, you're getting more impressions and you can validate faster.

What I like to run is Lead Generation Ads. Which is a type of Facebook ad that doesn't require a landing page. It's just an ad that pops-up a form within Facebook, and people can complete it and that's it!

My approach to this is to come up with 5-10 different marketing angles. They can also be product ideas that you want to test.

And your targeting for the ads would be your ideal demographic (let's say, women in New York with kids).

If you have 10 marketing angles that you want to test, you'll run 10 different ad sets with 10 different ads using these Lead Gen ads. You can assign a budget of $10/day per ad set (roughly $100/day during 3-4 days).

That way, you'll get 10,000 impressions per ad set (or more) of your ideal demographic and you'll figure out which angle/adset/idea is bringing you the cheapest leads.

Again, this is a really early validation test, but it can help you decide on a quick winner to implement or keep with your researching purposes.

I hope it helps!

  1. 1

    agree with you
    your post is another "kick" for me to validate the idea through ads

    1. 1

      Thanks @valeriefenske! How are you currently validating ideas if not through advertising?

      1. 2

        good question. I thought we had some ways. But now we are about to launch ads as well.

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