Digital Nomads December 30, 2019

Tips for Becoming a Digital Nomad in 2020?

Okii ELi @Eli2

I have always been interested in traveling, there are many places in the world I'd love to see and spend some time exploring and I've made the decision to try it in 2020. I've been working full time on my side projects, currently, on, all my side projects now generate around $3k in MRR I'm fairly accustomed to working remotely as over half my work I do from home, the other half being in coffee shops. I've never attempted to work around the world though and I'd love to hear any tips, tricks, warnings, or stories of other HN members doing similar things.

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    The biggest challenge is productivity. Constantly moving around, finding new accommodation, places to eat etc... is a massive emotional & time drain. However, seeing that you've already got your products up and running you probably have some scope to allow for these things.

    The other big challenge I've found is it's very difficult to meet other tech people, especially those doing their own thing. A lot of nomads are doing eCommerce or consulting etc. I love working in nomad hubs but often feel like I'm in a bubble and miss a lot of the startup chats I'd have with other founders when I'm at home.

    I was full nomad in 2017, but achieved very little and after 9 months was emotionally drained, the last few years I've been more of an ex-pat, which has worked out a lot better for me productivity wise and emotionally but everyone is different :-)

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    Is not find a job? haha I can't find a job in remote way I don't know why!!! :(

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    I've been working remotely for my entire career (+10 years, freelance developer). I've been nomading for almost 6 years now and I love it. You'll hear a wide variety of tips/advice, lots of them even contradictory. It depends on the kind of traveler you are or want to be. Best thing you can do is just start rn for a short period (say 1-3 months) and you'll learn a lot by yourself. I'd warn you about coworking spaces - I've never been able to do proper work in these. But lots of nomads seem to like them lol.

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    Nomad list

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    Does generate revenue or do you receive this from other side projects?

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      @Thatguymyles From other side projects, hoping to start generating revenue in 2020 on