March 18, 2019

Tips on educating your visitors / customers

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

IH gets a lot of requests for landing page and product feedback. I don't really see many requests on how to educate visitors.

I raise this as I was listening to the Creating Better Products Through Marketing with Tim Soulo of Ahrefs where Tim talks about the need to educate customers and the effort that Ahrefs needs to put into that. People don't just land on their website and buy, they need to spend time learning about what they do and building trust before they end up signing up.

This comes under #marketing imho, but I wonder how many IHers are actually thinking about his on a regular basis? How do you go about educating your visitors / customers? What do you find works well? And do you have any useful resources on the topic?

Would some kind of focus on this topic on IH be useful?

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    Hey there,

    I've been doing startup marketing for the last four years. I've noticed a few major mistakes that startups make. A lot of the startup founders have a tech background, and it's really hard for them to explain what their product does.

    To educate your visitors\buyers:

    #1. Simplify your language. Make it easy for anybody to understand what you do. No tech words, no fancy stuff.

    #2. Tell more stories, in this thread you use words like imho. Drop them, instead, think of a way to tell simple stories that will make your users understand your brand and the features you offer them better.

    #3. Think about if you have a customer, and he just bought your product, he goes to meet his friends, and he is about to explain what your product does, is it going to be easy for him? If it takes him more than two sentences, you have work to do.

    #4. You can take a lot of time thinking and wondering how they need to be educated, you can write here, you can hire consultants to help you, but why don't you just ask them instead?

    Hope this is useful!


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    Hey there,

    Personally, I do!
    One good page we done and that worked like a charm is this one:
    We're using short autoplay video (~10s) to show people how our product works and how they can leverage it.

    Hope it might give good ideas!

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      That's a great idea! I think I am going to go ahead and build out one of these pages for our tool.

      By the way, would you be interested in doing a cross promotion on each-others blogs? CryptoTrader.Tax

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        It would interest both of our communities: yes.
        Anything special you want me to put the finger on? I'm going to start a draft.
        I'll send it to you by email once done. Do the same thing!


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    That’s why successful online businesses focus on acquiring email signups: because the vast majority of visitors aren’t ready to buy straight away.

    The higher the price, the longer the funnel, and email has historically been the best way to warm and convert cold traffic (today the most effective way is probably with FB Messenger but that’s another topic).

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