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Tips on Landing page and Mobile

the application is out remiting cash in east Africa
You can also email me [email protected]
to get the application test .Much appreciated


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    Message is clear ✅
    Name is clear ❌
    No bugs ✅
    Mobile friendly ✅
    Color scheme and branding both are nice ⚠️
    Multiple typos "save eoguh" "yur returns.y" "casht transfers" "Signup" ⚠️
    "Your best email..." ? ❌
    Form submission doesn't work ❌
    Empty block in the middle on first screen ❌
    Footer menu doesn't work ❌
    Footer share buttons don't work ❌
    Sentences seems weird to me. Please, get help from a native speaker. ❌
    Not enough information ❌
    How exactly ML will help me? ❌
    Which industries i can invest? ❌

    You still have a lot stuff to working on.
    See great examples here: https://www.lapa.ninja/search/?q=invest

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