Landing Page Feedback April 9, 2019

Tips on Slack integration landing page

Mikhail Neverov @MNeverOff

Hi, Indie Hackers!

We've recently launched a Slack integration for Azure DevOps, and created a landing page for it. Could you give us feedback? Expecially on the speed of the gifs.

Thanks in advance,


  1. 1

    The entire site loaded slowly

    1. 1

      Hi, Menan. Thanks for the feedback!

      Could you specify a bit? What is your network, and, if you don't mind sharing - locationn?

  2. 1

    Hey Mikhail,

    I would suggest you use "SEOSiteReport". I use it whenever I launch new pages/products. I find it quite useful.

    1. 1

      Hi, Arpit.
      Thanks, will check it out!

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