March 16, 2019

Tips to be more productive in life - Any suggestions?

Michael King @Lifegoals

Record all your thoughts, ideas and good advice from your well-wishers.
Say No More Often
Take A 5 Minute Break Every 1 To 2 hours
Eliminate everything that distracts you from your mission.
Keep away clutter
Multitasking can be harmful.
Do not check your phone for the new emails all day. It is better to check for emails two times a day.
Do not use the smartphone all day. When working, keep your phone away.
Plan your next day.
Keep ‘thinking’ negative thoughts to a minimum
Exercise regularly as it is best for your physical health.
Laugh more because it is better for your mental health.
Don’t go to all meetings; it means you should no give most of your time to go to the meetings etc.
Consistency will be more important in our lives. Don't let your interests go anywhere else.

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    #1. Cut all the distractions.

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    I can go long on these, but to say a couple:

    • Define 2 to 3 priorities at the start of each day. Make sure to accomplish those. Don't set up too many priorities, when you have a lot of priorities you have none.

    • Try to do your priorities first thing in the morning, at this time you will be more focused and have more energy, and also you won't be suffering with the leftovers of your willpower (which gets reduced during the course of the day)

    • Make a morning routine and be sure to accomplish it on most days of the week:

    • Use pomodoros for focused work

    • Excercice and meditate regularly

    • Make periodical reviews of what you have accomplished and where you're heading, and adjust as needed

    • Be sure to get good sleep. If you're having trouble with this, I highly recommend Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia. It helped me like you don't imagine

    • Learn about habits: how to create new ones and how to replace/remove old ones. Must read for this is Atomic Habits by James Clear.

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    Need good planning. I recommend reading the article:

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    Get enough of sleep,lack of sleep can distrub your mood

    Try to cut sugar,flour and carbohydrate. Too much carb can spike blood sugar and make you feel sleepy

    Don't work for long hours,more work hour doesn't mean more done