Self Care January 13, 2021

Tiredness, Doubt and Productivity (Day 3)

Poyan Nabati @nabati

Today was my third day as voluntarily unemployed and gig-less, and working on bootstrapping my own product business.

For various reasons, I slept really poorly last night; I woke up several hours before I was supposed to and couldn't fall asleep again.

Perhaps it was the stress of the current transition that's ongoing in my life.

As a result, I've been super tired all day.

I was a bit worried at the beginning of the day like "how is this going to go?"

Funnily enough it's been the most productive day I've had all week.

I realised that I've been so tired today that I haven't had the energy to maintain all that doubting self-talk that is normally on-going in my head.

"Am I working on the right thing?"

"Am I being efficient enough?"

"Have I passed my peak?"

"How about that other opportunity?"

"Should I get a regular job?"

"What if I fail? What does that say about me?"

I've been too tired to engage with any of that today.

And as a result, it's been the most productive day for me all week.

It's funny how productive you can be when you stop spending your energy on things that don't actually move you forward.

  1. 3

    Now, if I can just learn to turn this negative self-dialogue off without a bout of insomnia, that would be great 😅

  2. 2

    Very interesting story and a good topic to think about it. Had a few moments like that.
    But Poyan, always remembers that even the greatest ideas had those questions and all the great people among us believed in themself for every second of the day and they truly wanted to make a change and challenge the status quo. So don't doubt in yourself if the thing that you work on is that you truly believe while putting aside tiredness, money, etc.

  3. 1

    Double edged sword there. Hang in there !

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