Meta March 13, 2019

Title (Optional)

Peter Doherty @peterdoh

I added some posts here recently but didn't notice the option to enter a title. It appears after I enter at least two sentences in a post. @csallen Have you had other feedback about this? Perhaps it's just me :)


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    No feedback about it yet. What are your thoughts?

    My actual goal is for people to not enter a title when their post is super short, which is why the field doesn't appear for super short posts.

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      I think a title should exist for all post lengths with a limitation on the length of title.

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    had the same.. I am ok with no title but it is not nice to see "Title (Optional)"

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      Thanks for the feedback. What's not nice about it?

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        it seems incomplete, maybe the UI can just not show the "Title (Optional) " on the render and should only be when editing/creating a post.

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