To share or not to share...

... your roadmap?
I'm working on a new version of my product and thought it would look more appealing if I would put the roadmap (future features) onto the landing page.
On the other hand, it can give competitors more ideas to implement and they could be faster...
What do you think?

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    My guess is your competitors are much bigger than you and have been around for a much longer time. Since this is most likely the case, your secret planned features won't mean much to them. If they really care, they'll integrate your features the moment yours go live and they'll have the marketing strength to get new customers based on those additional features.

    My 2 cents: Show your upcoming features. Don't worry about your competition.

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      Big companies are more likely to be slowed by lengthy processes. Wouldn't worry about them copying.

      You can expose your roadmap, but what you don't expose is your deepest drive, your vision.

      As Jesse Schell quotes in The Art of Game Design (accidentally great book about project management), others can copy your actions, but can't copy your motivation and experience. Thus their copy will always be lacking, without soul.

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    put 1-2 least important futures features so you can test your competitors :)

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