May 2, 2019

Today I launched my first SaaS app!

Marc Perel @marcperel

Hey team, today I went ahead and launched my first forage into the world of SaaS products. I launched the original version of my app Thought Train just under a year ago, and the app got loads of coverage.

So I spent some time knuckling down to build a more powerful, more productive version of the app for Mac and PC.

The result is Thought Train 2, the best way to take notes quickly and access them immediately.

I chose an annual or monthly pricing model to ensure the longevity of the app, and so far users are responding well, with some annual conversions already.

Let me know what ya'll think and AMA about how I built the app:

  • I'm using Electron as the core framework to compile for Windows and Mac
  • I chose for the billing since they handle subscription billing well
  • I'm using Google Firebase (Auth, Firestore and Functions) to handle my auth and storage
  • I chose Digital Ocean to host my billing end point (where I check user status etc)
  • The app's core code is plain HTML, some jQuery and obviously NodeJS
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    Very nice. Congrats on the launch and already obtaining those annual conversions!

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      Thanks mate, very excited to write about the journey soon on IH

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    Congrats on your launch!