Today I'm launching Google for Twitter threads 🧵 ThreadOk

Hey! Today I’m launching threadok.com 🧵
It's been a long month building it!

Big shout-out to @rescoluis my partner in life. Without him ThreadOk wouldn't have been possible. I'm newbie at coding and I always appreciate his help.

💡 Idea

I found this idea while struggling finding great Twitter threads to learn from. Sharing a sad link on Twitter no longer works. Twitter threads had become the perfect way to tell a story.

Just watch the results of this experiment by @alfred_lua via @buffer

I found people creating curated threads like @AlexLlullTW, @tobydoyhowell, @GoodMarketingHQ and now @justinmooretfam

👍 Problem that solves

But let’s be honest, it’s impossible to follow everybody to be aware when the next top thread is coming out.

Then I thought:

  • many threads get lost on Twitter
  • threads are becoming a powerful marketing tool
  • they’re an easy way to consume content

So I started to search for some forum platform to share and find threads, like Indie Hackers but for Twitter threads.

I found some platforms to unroll threads, but that’s it.

  • No upvotes
  • No tags
  • No top threads

Just learned how to make a website to make threadok.com possible.

It's crazy the opportunities the internet can give you. This reminds me of @levelsio

✅ ThreadOk features

Less than 20 seconds to submit a thread.

Added relevant tags, just filter and find threads.

Upvote those threads you think are cool to make a curated selection of the best of day, of week and of month.

🔥 Let's make this work

And last but not least, remember to share your threads on threadok.com

❤️ Thank you!

It would be amazing to share threadok.com with your friends, it really supports and it’s free!

We are a couple of indie devs trying to grow, just a little action means a lot to us.

Give some love to the Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/teodora_dobre/status/1330217415200940033

  1. 2

    This is a fantastic build! What's the next big feature that we should know?

    1. 1

      Thank you @felix12777! :)

      We make little changes, for example today someone told me about a misspelling on a button and I fixed it!

      I will be posting next features on [my Twitter @teodora_dobre](https://twitter.com/teodora_dobre) but at the moment it's getting a good welcome from people and there are nice threads submitted for example from @harrydry, @alexllr and more.

      Luis and I have lots of features in mind!

  2. 1

    A google search brought this; https://www.producthunt.com/posts/thread-soy
    Hunted 2 years ago, now it's down. Maybe founder went for another project or his expectations were different. Anyway I thought it might be helpful to investigate what went wrong with that project.

    1. 1

      Didn't know that, thank you! Nice to know now, I'll investigate. Do you have more info?

      1. 2

        He seems like busy with his other projects and books. And this post kinda tells his marketing strategy.


        What did I learn?
        Don’t include ProductHunt or Twitter marketing plan.
        Seriously, just take those words out of your vocabulary.
        I re-learn this lesson every time I make something. Those sites don’t provide that much lasting traffic, and they kill your motivation if they don’t go well. I’ve had past projects get that virality, and plenty of projects that haven’t. Your growth strategy can’t rely on initial popularity.

        1. 1

          Thanks I will check it! :)

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