Daily Stand-up September 30, 2020

✅ Todo Emojis - track todos in Slack using custom emojis

Dave Stewart @likelylogic

On the Weekend Club Slack, we have a #shipped channel where we list our todos for the week (Monday) or the day (Saturday).

For some time, it's been a hodgepodge of bastardised GitHub-like checkboxes:

  • [] No spaces
  • [ ] One space
  • [ ] Two spaces
  • [x] An x with no spaces
  • ✅ An icon
  • [✅] Even this!

Last Saturday morning I spent a couple of hours creating some installable custom "to do" emojis... and it has transformed how we share progress:


Unfortunately, our users love it so much that almost anything can now be reported as progress 😆:

Anyway, I've Open Sourced and shared the emojis here – FREE – for anyone to use in their Slack communities:

If you like them, please add a ⭐️ to the repo, and / or an upvote on PH:


  1. 5

    @likelylogic built this at Weekend Club on Saturday. It's already made a very noticeable difference to people posting and updating their to-do lists in our Slack. You're the man!

    1. 2

      Yeah, I love these new todo icons! They feel so much better than what we were doing before.

      I even used them in a web page design I made recently because they're so beautiful! 🤩

  2. 2

    Nice work Dave, love these "micro-products" which make life better - it all adds up very quickly!

  3. 2

    Neat! Simple solution to a simple problem.

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