April 10, 2019

Tomorrow live on Startup Circle (3 sessions)

Hey IHs, Eric Siu, founder of Single Grain, Tim Fargo, founder of Social Jukebox, and Michael Borohovski, co-founder of Tinfoil Security are going to be live tomorrow on Startup Circle to help you with:

  1. Building or growing an agency
  2. SEO
  3. Building social media engagement
  4. Building and growing an audience
  5. Validating startup ideas (Michael Borohovski has a very interesting story)
  6. Acquiring enterprise clients
  7. And more.

First up is going to be Eric Siu at 11 am US Central time.

Tim Fargo is up next at 1 pm US Central time.

Michael Borohovski will then join us live at 3 pm US Central time.

If you want to join these sessions or any of them, join Startup Circle at StartupCircle.co if you haven’t yet and then reply to the welcome email with the name of the entrepreneurs you would like to meet and ask. I’ll send you the invite shortly after.