Landing Page Feedback March 11, 2019

Too busy? - Hashfile Mock-up

Brett Carter @BrettC

I'm pretty happy with how this mock-up looks, but I have a few specific questions if anyone wants to share their opinion (thanks @louisswiss).

  1. I thought I'd like the bright green buttons and toggles, but they may be too miuch. I changed the last button to black for comparison. Any thoughts on what works better?

  2. Is the illustration in the header too busy? I'm not an illustrator, but I think its working.

Mobile Mock-up: Home - 4%402x.png?dl=0

Web Mock-up: Home - 2 – 2%402x.png?dl=0

@jamesfmac Also changed the subheader to convey some of the app's utility. Too wordy?


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