Landing Page Feedback September 27, 2020

Too early for a landing page?

Alessandro Diaferia @alediaferia is the landing page for Chisel, a nocode project I'm working on to enable any one to transform API results easily, without coding.

I think it's a bit too early for a landing page as the software still doesn't do much but before moving forward with what I think are the right future steps for Chisel I was hoping to receive some feedback.

Any comment welcome:

Imgur Chisel

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    Hi Alessandro!
    Your page has so much air that it catches the attention immediately, well done!
    What is the target audience of your product?
    As a guy who is far from knowing how to code, it looks a bit scary for me :) If this is a "no-code" product, probably it should be tailored to those who don't quite know how APIs work, though right now it looks like a user still needs some basic technical knowledge to be able to use your product.
    Did you conduct any JTBD interviews with your potential customers?
    Good luck with your product!

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      Hey thanks for your feedback! I think you nailed it! I'm still struggling defining my target persona. I have a personal use case that I should probably focus on first. Thank you!

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        Good luck!
        But please be careful because as they say, "you are not your customer" :)

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          I completely agree. Unfortunately, since I still haven't full clarity as to what the target for the project is I'm using myself as the customer for now. This is to see if there are people with similar use cases as mine. I'm trying to balance my efforts vs time I have available to spend on the project since this is just a side-project. Thanks for all your feedback, really appreciated!

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    You can always collect emails, or just launch the registration process and see if people convert.

    Try to capture/measure some form of interest asap then you're not dev'ing in the dark :)

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    It's not early, you already have a PoC/MVP. People laying out landing pages, giving ads before they have a mature idea.

    Here are some feedback & suggestions combo;

    • Maybe I'm old but, first image is not readable as it is, you can get rid of the right panel "Transform History" to make some room.
    • Stripe API Key not something I throw to random websites, you may search for what APIs nocoder use mostly, AirTable or such.
    • 2nd image (gif) somehow skewed? I can't understand even I opened it in new tab.
    • 3rd image Download click here is IDK, it's improvable. :) Let's say it that way. Maybe some document icons with json csv indicators and put an arrow in between.

    If you having trouble with the copy, a start to end video that showing how easy and fast your service, what people get in the end may work better than current version. Just my 2 cents.

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      Thank you very much for taking the time! Really appreciated. I'll incorporate your feedback. Currently giving some thoughts about how to better communicate what the tool does.

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    Seen your lander, it seems it's about turning API results into a CSV file. So you may want to change your headline to reflect what you do, something like: "Turn API results into a CSV file".

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