Too Many Tasks ? Here's How I Declutter My Mind 💭

If you're into the startup journey, you will surely have multiple occasions where you would have way too many things on your plate to do. It's a part of this package. 📦


In the initial days of my enternreuship journey as well, I used to face lot of difficulties. There would be an endless list of things to do and deadlines to achieve.


I learnt the hard way that keep the mind positive and decluttered was an important factor in the success of my business.

Stressing out further is of no use.
Instead, keep you head cool in these situations.

The best way to resolve this issue is by organizing you thoughts and giving it a structure. Here are some of things I do on daily basis to declutter my mind -

  1. Meditate 🧘
    Do it once and you'll see the wonders of simple 10 minute breathing excercise.

  2. Put Your Ideas Down ✔️
    Confused with the long list of tasks? Write them down on paper or use apps such as my free tool Brutask to keep track of to-dos!

  3. Setup Priorities 🔢
    One task maybe more important than other. Prioritize it and begin working on them quickly!

  4. Kick Negativity 🦶
    Feeling overwhelmed or depressed or non-energtic? Listen to a positive postcast. I would highly suggest listing to GaryVee Audio Experience Podcast!

  5. Walk Around 🚶‍♂️
    Yes, just step outside your house. Listen to music and get back to work. I find this the best way to unwind myself.

Okay, I've talked about the 5 things that work for me. But have you got some other way of decluttering your mind? Let's share the ideas with the community in the comments down below! 👇

Siddhita ❤️

P.S My free to use productivity tool Brutask is finally out and ready to use! If you are a productivity freak, make sure to check it out as well!

  1. 2

    Thanks for his fun and helpful post!

    One thing that helps me is movement. Stand up. Walk around. Throw ideas on a whiteboard. Sometimes confining oneself to a chair and one notepad overwhelms.

    1. 1

      Yes whiteboards are really an amazing way indeed!

  2. 1

    Totally agree. I'd say that the most important is setting up priorities. I've always find myselft with a pile of things to do, but just giving each task the priority it really has helps soo much.
    On top of that, it also helps me stop for a minute and think why am I doing something. A lot of times I work on auto pilot so this helps me work smarter.

    1. 1

      @Antonio couldn't agree more with you! Prioritizing is very important.
      In fact it was a highly requested feature when i did customer research for Brutask!

  3. 1

    Great post!

    A concept that has worked wonders for me is Essentialism. (Check out Greg McKeown book on it). At a high level it's a strategic way of thinking that focuses on the few essential things and eliminating the "trivial many". It's strategic in that your goal is to make a few decisions that take care of a 1000 decisions. (I have come across a similar concept in a Jeff Bezos memo).

    1. 1

      Thanks for the recommendation @luthfur! I will surely check out Greg McKeown. Essentialism is the modern of thinking for sure haha!

  4. 1

    For me, this feeling always came from FOMO.
    Fear that I am not doing enough tasks or releasing new features quick enough, not working on the project enough, etc. And that somehow I would miss the train.
    What I did the last year was to always consider the project as secondary (I have a family) and try to accept that I cannot do everything, and that I'm already doing a lot.
    Having small goals, and actually finishing tasks frequently helps a lot reducing this state of mind.

    1. 1

      @255kb Family always comes first. Happy to hear that you found mental peace through the whole experience!

  5. 1

    For me, everything changed with only two things:

    1. I started to get much more involved with the home tasks

    Before that, my wife did everything while I was working day and night, straight.

    Now, at 7 PM, I close my laptop no matter what and start to work with her.

    Making dinner, feeding our kids, showering them, putting them to bed, and reading for them before sleep.

    Also, I stopped working on Sundays.

    2. Weight training

    I always had some prejudice against weight training.

    Six months ago I bought a couple of dumbells and started a home program.

    I feel much more productive now.

    1. 1

      Glad to hear that you shut off everything on sundays @meydjer! Kudos to you!

  6. 1

    These are definitely on top of my list too, probably except for the podcast part, yet to start trying that out.

    At times a power nap plus walk around also does magic :)

    Also, a totally unplanned day off, in the sense, I get ready to go to work, I start from my house and all of a sudden I'll change plans and go on a long drive. Such impulsive things help me bring back my sanity :)

    1. 1

      Haha loved how you connected impulsive with sanity!

  7. 1

    Couldn't agree more! The entrepreneurial journey is long and arduous. We just can't underestimate the significance of decluttering our mind regularly! Mediation is my favourite too and taking regular breaks is something I don't forget. Also, I used Brutask and am awed by the beautiful illustrations. Just loved it:)

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