Tools for app development (no coding)

I'm looking to build a travel mobile app/web app, but since I don't have any coding experience I started looking at solutions like Bubble and Dropsource to name a few.

Has anyone used any of those? Can you deploy your app straight to the app store? What other similar products are available?

Many thanks,


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    https://thunkable.com and https://www.dropsource.com/ look like good alternatives to Bubble - has anyone used them? Are there any drawbacks?

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    Hi! I recommend developing a native/hybrid app from scratch. You can rent experienced yet inexpensive developers from www.designpac.net for that.

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      unfortunately I can't afford to hire any developers until I validate the idea... thanks for your suggestion anyway

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    I built my app on bubble. Pretty steep learning curve but good education and consulting resources available from zero quode, withcopilot, and Gaby Roman. I don't know if I could've gotten to the point I am at with traditional coding in the same time frame. I went from no experience to a product launched in both stores in 6 months. Let me know if I can help us you go the bubble route.

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      I saw a few reviews saying that the tutorials from zeroqode are not up to date and they don't have a lot of support. Are there any other free resources that you've found?

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        They're not free, but pretty cheap at withcopilot.com. I've worked extensively with them. My process was: watch relevant courses (probably spent $50 or so), start chipping away at the idea. Get stuck, spend $60 for 1:1 time with Salar at withcopilot. Get through about a month before getting stuck, rinse, lather repeat. Al l told I probably spent 4 1:1 sessions with Salar and now I feel like there's very little I cannot accomplish with Bubble save for advanced animations.

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          thanks, I'll check it out. What is the product that you built if you don't mind me asking?

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            Sure thing, it's called Libate. IH page link below. My landing page sucks right now, but that's on me, not on Bubble. It's on both app stores and doesn't cost anything to join so you can check the whole thing out just using your email address or social login.


            If you have questions, just let me know and I will help however I can. One piece of advice - the bubble community is sometimes helpful, but often useless if not anti-helpful. Those are the times when someone like withcopilot is helpful. Otherwise, HMU if you are stuck and I can try to help too.

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    Do you know any Javascript / React at all? if yes, check out https://expo.io/

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      Unfortunately I don't have any dev experience, but thanks for your suggestion :)

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    I am interested in those low code solutions. What's your experience like with Bubble and Dropsource?

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      I've just discovered these apps a few days ago, so basically that's why I asked other people's opinion. I'm gonna go through a few tutorials shortly and will let you know what I think.

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    Hi there Danstl, I'd like to inform you of a tool that my team and I built that could assist you. The tool does not build apps for you in a no-code or low-code visual environment, but it could be beneficial to you, as it does eliminate the need to republish and recompile your app when you would like to, for example, change the content or appearance of your app.

    I had a quick look at Dropdource and it seems like they allow integrating into other services via their visual REST editor. You could extract your content, color schemes, settings, etc. to RemoteConfigs and use the Dropsource REST builder to make a call to RemoteConfigs to obtain your settings, color schemes and content. This way you would only need to make the changes in RemoteConfigs, and not waste time republishing the app from Dropsource.

    Our website is: https://remoteconfigs.com

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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      thanks for your suggestion

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