Top 10 Programming Languages In 2021 That Are Trending

Why am I sharing a list of the top 10 programming languages with you? It is no doubt that computer coding and programming languages have come to many different fields by 2021.

This is perhaps the most important field to learn as most of the high-paying jobs now involve codes. Whether you are working in banks, automobiles, home appliance manufacturing, or hospital machinery, coding is essential. With various new programming languages coming up, a developer who is up-to-date the most has the highest value in the market.

At this point, the question arises, “Which programming language should I learn?” We need to know which languages are most likely going to be in high demand and where should you grow your career. Let’s discuss!

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    I am sorry, but it's really a poor post written by someone clueless... not to mention that you should paste the list here since you are submitted it as text and not link.

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    I feel like there's an irrational fear among developers that the technology that we work with will be obsolete. I certainly feel that way learning Ruby (and I'm new to the language).

    What I realized is that the "market" for developers is far more language agnostic than articles like this suggest.

    Instead of reading blog posts about what someone thinks are the "next big languages you should learn right now," I'd rather see a thoughtful dissection of developer ergonomics or language ecosystem to decide which one to learn.

    I decided to double down on Ruby because I wanted to get great at webdev and I love how expressive it is. That's just my opinion, and not everyone will agree. That's the beauty of it!

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    OMG! Java is not there? Is going to deads? :P

    I've seen other lists with more data and different classifications but I can not find them now, sorry.

    Anyway, IMO, Java, JavaScript, Golang, Python and, surely others are the most request now a day.

    I'm Java programmer (backend) and I think can be good to learn python and golang.

    Just thinking out loud.

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    This crap every year.

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    Any reason why ReactJS/PostGRESQL is not on this list?

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      ...because they are frameworks and not programming languages...?

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        Oh! So, Typescript is in demand in 2021, but Javascript (with all the frameworks inside) isn't?

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      Last time I've checked PostgreSQL was a DB engine, and React is well a framework as Pohnean already mentioned. The list well it's a list, depending on who you can reach you can get various feedback.

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