Top 10 User Frustrations on Web

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    My main frustration is not listed: ReCAPTCHA.

    Helping AI to identify fire hydrants and pedestrian crossings is not my job, and fighting spam is the website problem, not mine. I should not have to solve a f**ing captcha each time I sign in.

    Sorry if I seem angry, but “frustration” is a tiny word for what I feel when I see a captcha 😉

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      Agreed, especially when it start to ask more than once.

      I complained about it and seems some others also think it’s annoyed too

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    I should +1000 your post but Indie Hackers won't let me.

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      Thanks Paolo! I read the post this morning and thought it was true and useful

      Credit to Babich (the author of the post)

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    Another one is in e-commerce stores. There is no proper back option. You always have to start from the beginning when it comes to ordering or searching for products

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    I like the post. But one correction:

    Its fine to use auto-play videos, but ensure that it’s muted by default.

    NO. Data is fairly expensive in my country. I'm already spending 10MB to open the shitty website. Don't throw in another extra 20MB loading a video I didn't ask for.

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