Top 20 tools for Startups

We surveyed 31 YC W21 companies at Pry Financials and put together a list of the top 20 paid tools they used. Interesting to see that Google takes 3 spots with 3 different products. Not too surprising to see Zoom and Slack as the top tools in a remote work environment.

How many of these tools do you use?

Zoom: platform for video & audio conferencing
Slack: software for work communication
Calendly: appointment scheduling software
Upwork - freelancing platform connecting businesses to freelancers
Typeform - people-friendly forms and surveys

General & Administrative
QBO: accounting software
AP Intego - small business insurance and worker's comp
DocSend - secure document sharing & analytics, e-signatures
Gusto - people platform for payroll & benefits
Google Suite - business collaboration tools

Sales & Marketing
Facebook Ads - online advertising on Facebook
Google Adwords - online advertising platform
LinkedIn: professional network
Hubspot - inbound marketing, sales, and service software
Stripe: online payment processing

Research & Development
Figma - collaborative interface design tool
Adobe: creative, marketing, and document management
Github: development platform for version control and collaboration
Webflow: no-code platform for web design and development
Google Domain - domain registrar

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    Hubspot - inbound marketing, sales, and service software

    Wonder how you use this? Can you share how you have implemented their products?

    I have avoided them mostly as they're expensive.

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      We actually only use about 15 out of these 20 tools, and Hubspot is not one of them(we use Close for our CRM). I've heard that they have special pricing for startups if you want to check it out: https://www.hubspot.com/startups

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    Interesting! I'd also add Notion, super good for team wiki.

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      We're big fans of Notion too! We're still using Notion for free because of their YC deal. :)

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      Thanks! Hope you find it helpful.

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    very helpful, i don't know what your acronyms mean though except R&D. spell it out for us cretins

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