Top 25 Chrome extensions for Marketers

Extensions are simple tools designed to increase the functionality of browser, improves efficiency and saves time.
Here is a list of 25 top extensions which are useful for every marketer out there

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  1. @Grammarly

🌎 https://www.grammarly.com/

Grammarly scans text for common grammatical mistakes (like misused commas) and complex ones (like misplaced modifiers).

  1. @gofullpage

🌎 https://gofullpage.com/

The best browser extension for taking a screenshot of an entire webpage

  1. @Loom

🌎 https://www.loom.com/about-us

Loom helps to record screen, voice, and face to create an instantly shareable video in less time than it would take to type an email.

  1. @vidIQ

🌎 https://vidiq.com/extension/

VidiQ helps creators on YouTube optimize their videos for maximum optimization and views.

  1. @Mailtrackio

🌎 https://mailtrack.io/en/

Mailtrack is the #1 free, unlimited email tracking for Gmail, Google Workspace, iOS & Android

  1. @TubeBuddy

🌎 https://www.tubebuddy.com/

TubeBuddy is a FREE browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help run your channel with ease.

  1. @boomerang

🌎 https://www.boomeranggmail.com/

Boomerang allows to write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time.

  1. @Similarweb

🌎 https://www.similarweb.com/

Similarweb is the ultimate competitive digital intelligence tool for a complete 360-degree view of industry, competitors, and customers.

  1. @Moz #MozBar

🌎 https://moz.com/

MozBar gives an instant metrics while viewing any page or search engine results page

  1. @EmailHunter

🌎 https://hunter.io/chrome

Hunter's Chrome extension lets you immediately find the email addresses behind the websites you're browsing.

  1. FontNinja

🌎 https://www.fonts.ninja/

With the help of font ninja an user can have access to over 3000 different fonts and try them in any design software.

  1. Inssist

🌎 https://inssist.com/

Chrome extension that enables posting photos, videos, stories, carousels & reels to Instagram from personal desktop, schedule posts, upload video covers, find relevant #hashtags and more

  1. KeywordSurfer

🌎 https://surferseo.com/

It is a free tool by SurferSEO lets you see the keyword volume and keyword CPC right at the search engine result page.

  1. Linkclump

🌎 https://github.com/benblack86/linkclump

This extension allows users to open multiple links at once.


🌎 http://www.seo-extension.com/

A tool that displays all meta tags/data and main SEO information clearly in 1 click. By using this tool, one can better manage and improve SEO and visibility on Internet.

  1. Redirect path @ayima

🌎 https://www.ayima.com/uk/insights/seo/redirect-checker.html

A technology-driven digital marketing agency offering Performance SEO, Analytics, and Paid/Biddable Media (PPC, Paid Social, Programmatic).

  1. @getliner

🌎 https://getliner.com/en

LINER helps to find reliable information faster and discover the highlights of the web, filtered by millions of intelligent people around the world.

  1. Tabcopy


Tabcopy quickly copy open tabs to the clipboard in a variety of formats.It uses built-in formats like URL, Compact, -Expanded, Link, Markdown, BB code, CSV, JSON, HTML, and HTML table.

  1. Majestic Backline Analysis @Majestic

🌎 https://majestic.com/

Majestic maps the web to bring the Link Intelligence data needed to dominate the market.

  1. Google Page Speed. @Plesk

🌎 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-pagespeed-insights/edbkhhpodjkbgenodomhfoldapghpddk?hl=en

This tool helps to get the PageSpeed Insights score of web page in a single click and increase the web development speed.

  1. One Click Extension

🌎 https://github.com/hankxdev/one-click-extensions-manager

This Extension helps to view, enable, disable, remove extensions with ease.

  1. @BuzzSumo

🌎 https://buzzsumo.com/

BuzzSumo provides social engagement data for the current page, or for any other website.

  • View who shared the page on Twitter
  • View backlink count for URL
  1. @tabextend

🌎 https://www.tabextend.com/

Tabextend effortlessly handle tabs, notes, and to-dos.

  • Manage tabs: save, close and open groups of tabs, drag and drop or right click any page to save
  • Rearrange everything into groups, categories and workspaces
  1. Groupleads

🌎 https://www.groupleads.net/

Group leads helps you convert new facebook group members into leads in your favorite email marketing software.It saves time and money by allowing to add new group members data into Google sheet.

  1. Hashtest

🌎 http://hashtest.io

Hashtest helps to discover the best and most popular hashtags easily to increase reach on Social Media.

  1. Blurweb


Blurweb allows users to blur with a single click whether it is text, paragraph, image, or input any selected text. It secures sensitive information while recording video live or screen sharing saving hours of post video-editing time.

Also you can get the Notion template with all the extensions mentioned above with detailed description, ratings and user count for free from here


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    This is a great collection, thank you! Just bookmarked it.

    πŸ‘‰ If someone reading this has a great idea for developing a new chrome extension. Just hit me up via Twitter DM. Iβ€˜m currently studying how to develop a great extension and Iβ€˜m thinking about developing one or two in the next weeks πŸ™ƒ

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    Great blog Do consider adding blurweb.app it helps Hide Sensitive information while screen sharing

    I even wrote a blog with an real experience of marketer How Marketing Consultant Uses Blurweb App

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      Blurweb app is a great tool, I have added in the list and thanks for your suggestion πŸ™

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    (please pardon the shameless self promotion)

    One day I hope https://SignalFlare.app will be included in a list like this.

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      Hey Mike, glad to know about your app SignalFlare, will check it out.

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    πŸ‘‰ Check Blurry Chrome Extension: https://blurdata.net/

    Have you been in a situation where you need to hide sensitive information, while screen sharing or video recording?

    Blurry is the simple solution to blur any sensitive information with a single click and saves you hours of post video editing hassles.

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      That's interesting, will check this out. Thanks for this 😊

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    Really helpful. Thanks for posting.

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