Ideas and Validation February 21, 2020

Top 3 Free Startup Ideas

Brian Thomas @briant1

I have been posting startup ideas for over a year and my most recent one received the most replies out of all my ideas. I figured I would share it and two other popular ones with the group:

  1. Ecommerce audit as a service. You would tap into a customers shopify and processor (stripe or braintree) account. Using their sales data and specific company data (margins and customer acquisition cost) you would compute their time to break even or profitability.

Why I like this - There are existing apps out there like profit well and baremetrics but adding in margins and acquisition cost really caters this for specific customers, ecommerce owners.

Why I think it's the most popular so far - ecomm is a large niche and this is solving a real problem. Almost everyone in sub 8 figure ecomm doesn't know their numbers.

More details -

  1. Physical Check Service. You would offer customers a P.O box to have clients mail checks. As the providing service, you would deposit them into your customers bank account for a small fee.

Why I like this one - checks are painful if they're over the daily limit for OCR/digital upload. Checks aren't going away anytime soon, there's still a large market to capture these customers.

  1. Nocode School. Similar to other online courses and schools, you would have progressive content designed to teach students how to go from zero knowledge to operating a full time "nocode" business. Makerpad and others already exist but you can carve out your own niche in this "nocode" movement.

Why I like this - "nocode" is trendy. Catch the wave ;)

I hope these ideas are helpful for someone and gives a good starting point. If you like these ideas signup for my weekly newsletter (, I send more than "just an idea" - you get background, analysis and a starting suggestions. #shamelessplug

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    Are you familiar with chartmogul ? They do SaaS financial analysis and give metrics such as MRR etc.
    Very useful service and they have a free tier.

    Similar to your first idea

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      Yup! Good product too. They’re another one on the list that focuses on SaaS. They’re all missing cost of goods (cogs), overhead and any debt payments in their calculations.

      Ecomm has lower margins than SaaS and poor inventory management can easily put them in the hole or out of business.

      The difference is big enough for someone to carve out a niche.

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    hi, I read a lot of your idea since yesterday they are very good, I like one and i will try to make something with it.

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      Thanks! Glad you like the ideas. Keep me posted if you build any of them :)

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        Of course and i m starting one of them, and my friend another.
        I personnaly start the one about convention rating i use Facebook to stay in touch about business event, i used meetup to and the lack of feedback is frustrating

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          Awesome, keep me posted with your progress.

          Feedback from potential or existing customers?

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            I m sorry i m think i don't express it well, i think it would solve this problem:
            Feedback from People who attend precedent event with the speaker are hard to find

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              Figured... there's no incentive for them. I would try to talk to people manually for now. In the future you'd have to develop some reward system to entice them for feedback. Reddit Karma, points, etc

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                yes, you're right.i 've started to find some events to add but I will see i m on the first day but thank you for your support.

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    Nice! I've been following this for a while now. I also like the e-comm metrics app. There's so many ecomm stores that know their profit, but forget to factor in all of the costs because the tools that they're currently using simply don't do that.

    Way to stick with it, the ideas are awesome.

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      Thanks! You have it right with the cost factor... it's every changing, making it harder to know their numbers.