February 23, 2021

[top tip] Get exposure for your startup on reddit r/startups on 1st of each month

Steve Procter @steveprocter

I discovered the other day that reddit r/startups has a specific post that restarts on the 1st of each month where you can promote your startup.

If you add to it on the 28th you're gonna be way down a very long post unless it gets upvoted by everyone. But do it on the 1st and should get read by a lot of people (they have 659k members).

And if you see me on there please upvote me ;-)

  1. 1

    There is also a monthly thread where you can promoye your startup, but it's super crowdy (and in contest mode). The discord channel of /startups has a feedback chan that you can use when you want.

    However, the best sub to get exposure for your startup with reddit isn't /r/startups as they're super strict on self promo. Post on /r/entrepreneur instead.

    I wrote a detailed article on how I use reddit as Indiehacker a fewomths ago if you want to check it out https://blog.spreadtheworld.net/posts/get-first-users-reddit/

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      hey @xavier, nice thank you, I will check out r/entrepreneur

      And cool report at spreadtheworld - are you finding a lot of buyers for it?

      1. 2

        Almost 150 so far ☺️

        1. 1

          so 150 for the full access, so cool mate! does that include you submitting them to the sites or is that extra? seems an amazing deal at $49 lifetime.

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