Meetups April 12, 2019

Toronto Indie Hackers - 24th April

Henry Dillon @hgld

Hello Toronto Indie Hackers.

Grab your spot for the next Toronto Indie hackers meet up on Wednesday 24th April, 6pm at the Centre for Social Innovation, 720 Bathurst Street.
Full details here:

We pack a lot into the two hours - covering 9 different discussion topics. Some of the topics we discussed at past meetups have included:

  • How to do effective idea generation
  • Building a product with no code
  • Balancing a side project with your day job
  • How to hire devs and other staff
  • Using YouTube as a marketing channel for your product
  • What's in your Indie Hacker toolkit?
  • How to price your product
    and much more...

If this sounds interesting then sign up for your spot.


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