Trading feedback on landing pages - give tips and I'll gladly return the favor!

Created a landing page for a new product idea that I called Startblock. Looking for feedback on the clarity of the copy and/or the design.

Any honest feedback is greatly appreciated and if I can return the favor, feel free to share your own page. 😉

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    Hi @Sprouter! very nice landing page and even better problem to try and solve.

    My feedback:

    What's Awesome: Your headers clearly state the problem you're trying to solve. the block just below also convey clearly how you're going to help me achieve my goal.

    What's Boring: As much as I like the header, I don't like words such as "turbocharger"; they basically mean nothing and are overused. The features section has a lot of text and people don't read; I didn't read. The "learn more" button which just scrolls down is pointless. I would have scrolled anyways.

    What's confusing: Despite not showing how you will actually solve my problem first thing you do is ask for my email. How are you different from the myriad of tools that claim they can solve this problem?

    What didn't you Believe: that your product will actually change the way I plan my sprints. So far nothing makes me think it will; as such I didn't sgn up.

    My landing page is https://getbkmark.com, please let me know what you think.

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      Thanks a lot for the feedback! Those are fair points & I can already think about a couple of actions I can take to improve the landing page.

      I also had a look at bkmark and in general I really like the landing page, everything was clear to me so my feedback might seem more nitpicky, but here are my thoughts:

      What I really liked:

      • The problem you're trying to solve as well as your value proposition were immediately clear to me even before I started scrolling.
      • The short videos in each section set clear expectations of what the product will look like & how it will behave
      • The testimonials were clear & well written, although later on it made me rather skeptical about how you can have honest testimonials if you're still pre-launch & don't have any mention of an open/closed beta.

      What could be improved:

      • The combination of the copy & icons under "Save from anywhere, access everywhere" confused me a bit, the copy says I can save my links with any email
        or messaging apps, but the icons would leave me to believe it would only work with gmail, Slack & Telegram? Also is it only a Chrome extension that's going to be available at launch?
      • The title "Bkmark does the rest, sit back and relax" didn't really make it clear to me what this section was about auto archiving until I read the full text. Maybe smth like "Bkmark does the cleaning for you, sit back and relax" would be more fitting. The continuous looping of the push notification video here was also kind of distracting when reading and didn't add much after the first time playing.
      • For the 'Pricing' link in the header to be linking to another page instead of scrolling down to the pricing section on the landing page seems a bit redundant.
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        Thanks @Sprouter! A lot of valuable insights. I'm implementing these changes asap!

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    Hi Sprouter,

    As someone who has sat through hundreds of painful sprint planning sessions, you had my interest immediately with that H1 and H2.

    The rest of the page is good, but I feel like it's crying out for a demo video. I want to know what it looks like, how you use it, how it integrates with tools like Jira etc.

    So many tools promise to make it easier to run ceremonies, but I need to see something that makes me go "Ohhh, that's clever".

    I hope that makes sense and helps

    I look forward to seeing your product in action!


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