Travel Without Leaving Home?

Hi all!
I present you the tale of a travel startup through devastating Covid pandemic. Your attention & feedback would be deeply appreciated. Read on...

I'm Akash, currently working with Flynote With covid, Flynote (Sequoia backed, then the fastest growing travel startup out of India) came to a grinding halt. We had to say bye of dozens of colleagues.

This filled us with great remorse. For a business that was fueled by people's desire to explore, we were now chained & suffering. We couldn't take that anymore.

We knew the zeal to explore in people is never going to go away, we just needed to find another way. So, we came up with Vibecity

Vibecity is a way to fuel your wanderlust without leaving home. All the experiences that make travel great, only online - LIVE. Explore & discover secrets of places like locals, with locals. Interact & make friends. Btw, you can buy indigenous products while being thousands of miles away! 🌎

We're just starting with our pilot experience & would like your feedback on the experience.

Visit Vibecity Jaipur (pilot live tour) → vibecity.club/jaipur

We're running introductory offer to get a free day pass of the tour. Just say Hi at [email protected] We'll send you the invite code.

Please checkout everything & share any feedback, questions, or ideas!

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    Your offer seemed interesting, just wasn't sure how it works. I expected you'll explain how am I going to interact with travelers around the world in the video, but the video is basically saying the same thing the landing page does. Correct me if wrong, but basically you want to create "live-streamed video tours of any city", right?

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      This comment was deleted a month ago.

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