Ideas and Validation January 17, 2020

Traveler? Photographer? Do you need an app to find the best photo spots?

Broda Noel @BrodaNoel

Hi guys! It's been 1 year now from the first day I started working on NoFilter app (, as a side project. NoFilter is an app that helps photographers and travelers to discover the best photo locations.
I created this app because that was a necessity that I had. I had some situations like: "Hey, look at that photo, it's on Rome. I was in Rome and I never saw that place".
The idea of NoFilter is to help people to discover those "secret places" while you are traveling or even in your own city.

Is it a necessity that only I have? Do you feel this app may be useful for you?
I'm expending too much time curating + moderating content for the app, and I'm not sure if it worth it.

Currently, after ~1 year (and poor advertising), NoFilter is installed in ~1.500 devices (installed - uninstalled). Not a big number. Honestly, I was expecting some really bigger.
The good news is that number is always growing. Slowly, but growing.

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    Thank You, from a fellow photographer I always find it hard to get good photo spots in my NYC. Definitely going to try out your app.

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      I hope you enjoy it!

      Please, don't forget to send me your feedback after your test!

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    Hi Broda, just a few thoughts. Regarding your downloads (I was checking your App on sensortower) I saw that your App doesn't had any review nor any Rating. You should fix that, adding a popup inside the App asking for reviews to the engaged users.

    Probably you already think this: Ask your current (genuine) users for these information (This is harder to crack, but can be done)

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      Taking note... I'll try to improve it ASAP.


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    Hi, I just downloaded it and the spots don't show up for me. (iPhone XS). Appears to hang on 'Downloading spots'.

    I like the idea in general. I do a decent amount of traveling and almost always end up using instagram to plan my trip. I have tried a few similar 'Photo Spot' type apps but have always ended up going back to Instagram.

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      Well, that's weird. I don't have any reports of bugs while downloading the spots.

      Is that problem still there?

      Sorry about that!

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        Just checked, works now!

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    I'm a fellow photographer as well, and typically scour Instagram by the location filter to get a sense of some cool shots in unknown places(or known places)! I guess this is dependent on how you get the data but if I knew of a secret or lesser known spot, I would not necessarily be willing to share that with a mass number of people...and I think thats the trend you're seeing these days. For one, this limits overuse of the particular location, and two, it is nice to know about a secret spot without everyone else killing the vibe by coming in droves!

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      I agree. People try to keep those things on secret, but, well... That's why I don't mainly focus on "share your spots". Instead, I focus on "discover new spots".

      In the app, you can share yours, but the idea is that NoFilter helps you to discover new ones.

      I was thinking about the people of people keeping spots as secrets, but then I also considered all the open-communities that are creating really big things together, and I preferred to keep working on the idea.