Growth September 16, 2020

🧲 Trends #0031 — Marketing Funnels

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    SMS marketing is so intrusive, hope it never becomes a popular channel.
    As always, great report @dru_riley 🤜

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      I'm with you Adrian. Think it's on the way though. And we're seeing a reaction to aggressive data collection and funnel stages (GDPR/CCPA/etc)

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    I think that funnels are like dating. At the top of the funnel you're introducing yourself. At the bottom you're getting your engagement ring out.

    Since people are more invested in you near the bottom, you can allow yourself to ask for more of their time (consultation, come to my store etc.) In the same way you wouldn't ask a girl to come to your house in the first 5 mins of you meeting her, you wouldn't ask people to spend 3 hours on a long webinar with you.

    Just my 2 cents :) Love your reports btw!

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      Great analogy. Thanks Darko

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    ANOTHER super valuable edition. There isn't another email I open faster than when I see "Trends #..." in the subj line (my clients might not be too happy to read this 🤫).

    Keep it up Dru 🔥

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      😂Thanks Alex! Looking forward to catching up.

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    A very worthwhile report. So interesting to see things that look different, do the same thing.

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      Great point. Almost every business has one.

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    Great report Dru. I love your super-concise, high-information density approach. Rare to see, and it's awesome.

    Some feedback for you – when I saw your $20 pro offer at the bottom, my first impression was that it was $20 for just Marketing Funnels #0031. Obviously, I continued reading below to see that it includes the backlog and the next 52 reports, but I think titles and first impressions matter.

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      This comment was deleted 8 days ago.

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    So much to learn and digest. Great report Dru. I am particularly interested in experimenting open loops. Thanks for some valuable resources!

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      It's great for open rates and email responses

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    Well thought out. Well researched. A must read!

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      Thanks Vik!

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    'Retargeting will move into the physical world'. You could have explored the connection with 5G, the Internet of Things and smart home devices. We already have Amazon's Alexa and there will be more smart devices integrated into marketing funnels...

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    Hey Dru, just curious, why did you pick the .vc domain for Trends? Are you targeting venture capitalists or do they make up a significant part of your customer base?

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      I think the domain is super cool