Landing Page Feedback April 17, 2019

Tried to make our value prop clear within 5 seconds. Did we succeed?

Jade @jaybedreamin

I won't describe our product here, but does a quick glance at the landing page give you a sense of what our platform is and who it's for? That's the biggest thing we've been focusing on and trying to nail down. Open to any and all #landing-page-feedback!

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    "Smarter Property Management" - what exactly does this mean to the person browsing? What makes it smarter? What sucks/is painful about the tools they are currently using?

    The highest converting headlines are almost always directly related to the pain or problem. Your best headline would be something that makes the reader see it go "oh, wow, yeah I do have that problem. They understand me!"

    "Resi is a property management platform that helps independent landlords collect rent, track expenses, accept maintenance requests, and communicate with tenants effortlessly."

    I would call out "independent landlords" sooner, maybe even in the headline itself. Effortlessly, though, is a vague promise. I'd zero in on a more specific promise that directly relates to the main problem in your top headline.

    Once you have them hooked with a better headline, the rest is pretty good!

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    I know what you do in 5 seconds, but I don't see the value prop. I am not a landlord so probably not your market.

    You help landlords. But why is that valuable? What is the painful part of the process?

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    Yes. Very clear value prop. You could shorten further to same effect.

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    How come your logo isn't consistent across your social channels? And why have social channels without a content strategy, especially if you haven't updated them since January?

    I think the landing page is really nice visually, but perhaps have a "Why us?" section and tell landlords how much time / money / effort they will save using your service. Video would also help.

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    I would look to change the header to "Property management made easy"

    Also delete "property management platform", your target audience don't know what that is.

    Also an about us page/section would help.

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    Here's my input. I'm not in the field so when I hear "Smarter property management", it doesn't quite register with me. I find myself looking for a concrete example. Fortunately, you provided some good ones, eg. collecting rent. Once I read through those examples, it made sense to me.

    The other thing is that the image looks pretty cool, but for someone coming to the site skimming around looking to get a quick idea of what's going on, it feels like information overload to me, and not something I want to spend time looking closely at and figuring out what's going on.

    I'm not sure how useful this is though, because I'm totally not your target market, since I'm not a property manager. Perhaps property managers have a different perspective.

    (Sorry, the above only refers to the "above the fold" part. The rest looks great!)

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    First 5 seconds leave a great first impression - clear and easily understood. Moving beyond the first five, the "powerful features" section helps clarify the added value.

    side note: The slideshow is overlapping the right-hand description in the "how it works" section

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    Messaging all clear though pricing plans look a little odd.
    Got experience in this industry and a lot of your audience have 3 or under units, (as backed up by your own "2nd unit" testimonial) yet your lowest plan is for 20.

    Even if $49 is a fair price for 1 unit, the fact I am wasting 19 gives a psychological barrier.
    $29 for 3-5 units as an entry level could boost conversions and pave the way for later upgrades.

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    I think the target audience and message is very clear, good job on the website! One small suggestion would be to add from which devices users can access.

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    It's pretty good! I like this bit, simple and concise

    Resi is a property management platform that helps independent landlords collect rent, track expenses, accept maintenance requests, and communicate with tenants effortlessly.