February 23, 2021

Trying my UI skills in redesigning HN

Victor @Akcium
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    Oh gosh that is much better isn't it. Surely HN is one of the most popular 'ugly' websites in existence!

    Not sure I agree with number three though, HN clearly has plenty of submissions. If anything, I'd bury it behind half a dozen hay bales to try and slow down the quantity of content that hits that site!

    You should forward your work to Dan.

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    You removed the website title. It says nowhere it's Hacker News.

    "Moar space". Right now, on mobile I can see 8 threads when I load the page. Wonder how many threads I can glance at will all that extra space.

    I disagree that submit is a CTA. For me, comments is the CTA.

    Instead of the large current page section, I think highlighting the current section in the navigation bar is good enough.

    Hover of course is not mobile friendly, and I often use the hide links.

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      1. On https://www.ycombinator.com/ there is no "YCombinator" heading as well. Since the site is popular, there is no need in telling that you're on hacker news, instead I put Y combinator logo.

      2. But how many threads should be displayed? Ideally, on mobile, there should be autoloading new threads when scrolling, so that it's not an issue. On mobile I barely can click on a link, everything is so small

      3. Well, it depends on what HN wants. If they want more content, then Submit new should be CTA. If they want discussions, then comments. But I added icon for comments on purpose, so that they are more visible

      4. Completely agree that the hover is not mobile-friendly, this is more about desktop version. And even in desktop version I'm not totally sure about this, but I wouldn't drop every possible action just like a bunch of links, you know

      Thank you for your critical feedback. I mean it. Thank you.

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