Growth February 21, 2021

Trying to get my first customer


Hey folks, a month ago I launched and it was crazy. A lot of traffic, people talking about it, nice feedback, second at Product Hunt on the launch day but I think I'm not doing good on plan ways to monetize it.

At first, I tried to charge $40/month for the API usage. I had a list of 20 subscribers but no one, replied or move forward with the subscription.

Today I changed it a bit to include the API + Custom themes for $12/month but I'm not really confident that is going to bring any new customer.

So, I really need help to see and understand where I can improve and make this a sustainable product. I don't think this has the potential to be the next unicorn startup but I would love to have nice learnings from this experience.

Thanks for your time and any feedback and idea are welcome!

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    I don't think I'm the right audience for your product, but I don't really get why someone would pay for this. It's easy enough to make screen shots of tweets with free tools.

    There isn't much on your site in terms of a value proposition, so if there is something I'm missing in terms of the unique value this provides and/or use cases, I would include that.

    I would also reach out the the people you mention above who subscribed. They will be able to provide more relevant feedback than you'll get here because they showed some level of interest already.

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    Hi Quaresma, I put in a tweet url and it looks great, then I click 'Save as new theme' and then 'Upgrade' and then nothing happens. I'm not logged in, but there's also no prompt to login after clicking 'Upgrade'.

    Also, when I create an account, there is no prompt for payments, which I guess is fine depending on what is enabled. I can then click on 'Save as new theme' which is labelled as a 'pro' feature and I can save the theme with no prompt for payment.

    When I click on 'dashboard' on the top right, I get redirected to but nothing loads, I just get a white screen.

    Hope that helps!

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      Thank you soo much for this!!!! Now it is fixed and working good.

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      Great review! :) Could I ask you to do the same for my webdite? :p :)

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    Hi Quaresma, I'm sure you've realized this by now -- traffic looks great but it does not equate to paying customers. Instead of putting out an arbitrary price, I suggest start talking to your users and ask a simple question: "How much would you pay for a product/feature like this? Why x dollars?". Hope this makes sense

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    Hi @Quaresma,

    Tweetpik and the product I built have something in common - image generation. One of the possible features you can look at is the integration with NoCode tools such as Zapier etc. Since you have the API developed, it's easy for you to extend it to support NoCode or other social networks such as Instagram or FB.

    I just got my first paying customer last week, before that I talked to few customers and spent countless hours to made changes along the way. To me, there is no fixed formula for success and the most important thing is to validate the idea and be flexible.

    That's just my 2 cents, hope that it helps.

    *impressive upvotes you have, I'm going to launch on Producthunt tomorrow, hope that Im going to receive traffic like yours.

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    Hi Quaresma,

    I use Brave as my default browser and I cannot see the picture from the tweet URL I entered (it works on other browsers, though).

    I see in the Dev tools 401 responses from the following API calls:

    • /api/themes
    • /api/sessions
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    Cool app but is there a market for it?

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    Hi Quaresma,
    I am not your target audience - just by looking at the app - and that might be the problem. I can't connect the dots here.

    I have recently seen a similar product but for code snippets -
    Create and share beautiful images of your source code. I have seen people using it in their tweets, etc., because it is a real pain to paste code snippets, even in the blog posts or so, because of the formatting.

    Questions for you:
    What is the use case of your product?
    Why should someone pay for it? Given that you can embed a tweet into any HTML?
    Why did you build it?

    I am not saying your product is terrible, but I think you need to sell the idea better. I guess most of those who gave you good feedback thought it is a good "hack" but failed to see its value. If you don't know, that is fine too; let's try to find it if there is potential. :)

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    Isn't this what Banner Bear does?

    I have this in Zlappo too, but it's a feature, not the entire app.

    What would be the use case, other than for posting on Instagram?

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