April 3, 2019

Trying to make a plan to validate a SaaS idea.

Hi everyone, in succession of my previous posts on Reddit about the SaaS I am trying to validate I decided to actually sit down and make a stepped process of the actions I should take to validate as best as I can my idea before I start building an alpha version of the service.

Here is what I have come up with so far.

1. Launch a simple one page landing page with a signup section for their email.

2.  Expose it to potential customers for a week: reddit, linkedin etc

3. See if I have any signups, if so how many

4. If I had some subs, run some questionaires by them to see what they really want, also ask for what troubles them the most and if they have tried other similar solutions and what went wrong.

5. Launch a more detailed landing page with the price plans and a pre-order option with a big discount. This way the idea will be validated by having users to actually pay for it, which is the hardest part

6. Send follow up emails to update every contact that has signed up

7. Validate the idea against how many sales it did within the first week(or month?)

8. If I did any sales, start building the MVP while staying in close touch with the early bird customers

9. Maybe in the meantime invest on some ads?

So far I have made a landing page with the proposed features and three price plans that asks the user to sign up and logs his plan selection. I haven't got any subscriptions yet but I got some valuable feedback that essentially said that the page is not clear enough as to what the service is doing and how it's solving the problem it is. So I decided to go back a step and I am currently refactoring it into a single landing page with subscriptions to an alpha version with the promise to be part of the creation of the service. Hoping to hey some early birds and begin the feedback cycle.

My current landing page subject to change in the following days.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts about my thoughts and my approach.

Many thanks!