Landing Page Feedback February 24, 2020

Turn eBooks into high-quality audiobooks (beta launch)


Hello IH!

I'm working on a text-to-speech mobile app to read out eBooks, with human-like voices. Landing page:

What's the problem it solves: a lot of the books I want to read don't have audio versions, but I also don't have time to sit down and read them.

It's kinda "solve my own problem" app, and I've been using it for over 30 minutes per day.

Feedback on the idea and the landing page is very very appreciated!

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    very interesting

    what are you using for the voice-to-text?

    your landing page definitely needs more cartoon people etc.

    well done so far!

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      Thank you for the feedback! I'll try to improve the design of this page :)

      Curious if you think the page should be redesigned to explain the idea better, or to make the page more credible rather than appearing to be a small side project. Thanks!

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      From the sound of it, it sounds like Google's wavenet voices. They're pretty good.

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        yes, Google text-to-speech :)

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    It's been mentioned by @dwalker & @c0nsilience. You will need the guidance of an attorney for this to go beyond a hobby kinda thing. Amazon removed their original version of text to speech from their kindle devices because of the legal issues.

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      Thank you for the suggestion!

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    I second what @c0nsilience has said about speaking with a copyright attorney - just to be safe.

    I like the idea here and I do see it as something I'd actually use. I'm browsing on mobile and I couldn't get the audio to play.

    The landing page needs a more work to emphasise the copy you have on the site and better describe how Howler will serve the user. You can reach out to me and I'll share some more insight if you're interested.

    Also the demo video I think would work best at the top of the page instead of at the bottom. A simple animation loop of how How works could work well also.

    It's a great start though, congrats!

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      Thank you! More than happy to hear your feedback. I couldn't find your email anywhere, but if it works feel free to start the discussion at "kennyhitcher" at gmail

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    @khitcher I really dig the concept and can immediately see how useful it would be! Here's my two-cent cautionary tale: be mindful of copyright infringement.

    You are providing a tool for people to make derivative works of what might be copyrighted material. You should definitely book some time with a copyright attorney to keep everything on the up and up.

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      Really glad that you like the idea! I'll try to consult attorney for this idea

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