Turn your technical content into a sales machine

All SaaS applications have problems that require support. But, as an Indie Hacker, you know that customer support is time consuming. It's also where you can differentiate from the big guns.

Therefore, you'll have to make a plethora of support documentation available on your site. By doing this, you can greatly improve your SEO.

Simple Analytics, the privacy-focused analytics business is getting many visits just from their docs. Actually, it's the best referral source after Google.

How do you make technical content that will benefit your product ? I'll give you some tips, SEO and user - related.

Make searchable and short titles

Users don't search for features. They search for a solution to their problem. Instead of "Custom events tracking", use "How can I track a custom event ?".

There's an easy way to craft short and searchable titles : monitor searches. Monitor the words used in your support emails. Answer with these words. Also, imagine some related words. "How do I pay my invoice ?" should lead to "How do I pay my bill ?".

Make it easy to use

Use a structured documentation with a navigation. Let users quickly see sub-headings, and collapsible folders. Make sure Google can crawl each page.

Check formatting on devices. Make it easy to read on a mobile.

Answer one question at a time

No one is reading all your documentation. They will search for one heading that relates to their problem. Don't answer "How do I delete my account ?", and "How do I edit my account ?" in the same page. It seems all "account" related, but it's pretty annoying when you want to delete your account to discover how you can edit it.

If you offer searchable answers to users problems, they will use your product. They will send you less emails, and they will not leave if they don't find something. Because they will find everything. Writing good technical content is an easy way to have great content marketing.

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    Good stuff. I actually just did this transformation, going from one page to multiple pages. The problem with one page that I hit was that the title and slug would need to be so general that I suppose it would really work for conversion.

    So I split them to separate pages and left the original page as an index of links to the actual help pages.

    Still early to say as I made this change last night, but I hope this works: https://owlocr.com/how

    1. 2

      Thanks ! Yes, that will definitely help ! And adding a search bar when you will have more pages could help too !

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