April 2, 2019

Turned your feedback into tangible results within 16 hours! Where do you think I can improve my concept further?

To show my appreciation for your feedback my goal was to process it as quick as possible to show that you have real impact on my progress.

Just 16 hours ago I posted my new job board (https://jobscurated.com) here https://www.indiehackers.com/d1gits/post/47f591254a.

@ibrakadabra responded with very insightful comments which I turned into the following tasks:

  • Clarify that it’s about job curation
  • Better specify review criteria to reflect jobs over companies (added a detailed description for scoring criteria, it takes some time to redo the existing reviews: bare with me!)
  • Move away from starred reviews or at least explain how you get to them
  • Reconsider the features that are reviewed
  • Clarify that the $1 price is a temporary offer

Tell me what you think and how I can improve!