Ideas and Validation March 29, 2020

Turning crisis into opportunity

Manuel @ManuelMaccou

Some of the most creative people on the internet are in this community. What are some unique investment opportunities given the current situation?

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    "buy stocks not toilet paper"

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          resend the email for your newsletter

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    Specifically - I am thinking about building services/apps people will need being stuck at home. Games to pass the time/ online tutorials etc. Anything come to mind?

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      I think thats a good idea. Surprisingly to me, puzzles have been really popular and have sold out. Maybe digital puzzles so they are more accessible? Digital puzzles that can be worked on simultaneously remotely?? Google docs of puzzles??? LOL

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    Digital gold a.k.a Bitcoin

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    Buy silver... thank me in 2 years

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      I actually did some research after you said this. It might make sense to look into. Thanks for the advice!

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      Silver specifically ? Or is it the old saying buy gold and stuff ...

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        Silver specifically... it's about to seriously rival gold

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