Turning Slack into a community

Hey folks, a while back I chatted to some of you about Sets, my simple community management tool (https://www.indiehackers.com/post/a-very-simple-community-platform-37b409f477). I really enjoyed building it, but after I spoke to about 15 community managers nearly all of them just told me they used Slack because it's free and it (mostly) does the job.

So I decided to rebuild my app as a Slack addon!

It now ONLY lets users login using their Slack credentials for a workspace, and allows community managers to create events (with automatic reminders to Slack), an archive of the best discussions (to get round that pesky 10,000 message limit), and tags so people can find the most relevant content/connections.

I kept the style of the original Sets as you were all very kind about it - trying to keep it as minimal as I can!

Any feedback would be super appreciated! You can find it at www.getsets.co.

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