Landing Page Feedback January 27, 2020

(Tweaked) I really need feedback on my first landing page


I tweaked the landing page according to the advice. If you can afford it, please look at the new landing page and give me some feedback!

I released my first MVP today after two years of work. The problem is that people don't respond that well. Only 8% of people who come to the landing page install my software. What do you think about the appearance of my landing page? I would like to know.

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    Hi SunghoYahng, congratulation on shipping your first MVP!
    Unfortunately, I think you will have a hard time converting more visitors if you don't tweak some major design issues - the page looks very confusing at the moment! Some suggestions:

    • Work on the typography, and try to create better contrasts/hierarchies between titles, body text, etc...
    • Break these sections with more withe space - It's very difficult to read the entire page if all the contents are very close to each other.
    • Put these dynamic screenshots/placeholders into boxes, so you can give the copy more "breath".
      I put down this quick mockup that you might want to follow as the visual reference:
      I know it's easy to say for a designer, but I really think that you can improve this landing x10 just working on these specific points above!
      I hope it helps :)
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      Thank you for your specific advice. I will reflect them all on my landing page as soon as possible. Thank you so much for even making and showing an example.

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    Landing page needs a lot of work, have a look at other top apps that are similar to yours and use that as inspiration :)

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      Thank you. Do you have any advice for my landing page?

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        Just needs a complete rework, have a look at for examples and tips.

        If you follow that you will boost conversions 10x depending on your traffic.

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    Maybe put at the top what types of things people learn using the tool. "A tool for rapid learning..." is it for learning languages? Learning algebra? Maybe give some examples front and center above the fold.

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      Thank. I wanted to show that the realm of learning was not limited, but I had to express it explicitly.

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    It's confusing as to what it does. Too much text. You could really use an explainer video. Get one made on fiverr.

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      I thought there was a GIF so I didn't need an explainer video. But according to your words, I'll look for it in fiverr.

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        No worries. It's not a necessity. But it may help. All the best.

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    Depends on so many things like source of traffic and such, many people would be happy with way less than 8%...

    You can add the install higher as well
    Make the button bigger
    Clarify OS's it works on
    Test "get it now" vs install as text.

    IDK what either Anki, Workflowy are, id likely close it without scrolling as not for me (or need to read about them..)

    You can put heatmap or mouse tracking script to see how people interact with the page..

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      Oh, thank you for the specific instructions! I'll just think about reflecting everything on my page.

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    I agree with Sam, the landing page is so unique! Cute!
    You've tried to make it a story telling experience.

    Try to keep the story telling alive until the end.
    Also, move things like Pricing or Roadmap to separate pages but with links in a header menu.

    The big animated gifs/videos are okay, but perhaps should fit on their own "feature" page, linked from your home page story section "what about xyz?" "Click to learn more"

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      Thank you. It seemed like a good attempt to try storytelling. But I didn't keep it until the end ... I'll think about it a bit. Also think about dividing the page.

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    Just echoing what others are saying, the product seems really good but the website just isn't selling it very well. I like the long form approach here, and the content isn't necessarily bad, but my eyes don't know what to focus on.

    Just adding basic text hierarchy and section breaks would do wonders for you. Nevertheless, congrats on the product.

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      Thank you! I will put the text hierarchy and section breaks as the priority of the next tweak.

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    I think the product is really cool but I would agree the landing page needs some work. The suggestion of is a good idea because it will just help organize the content you've created in a meaningful hierarchy for the users.

    With UX, the saying is, "users spend 99% of their time on someone else's website". It's 100% true. You don't need to reinvent the wheel with your designs, I would just find a page that you like and figure out why you like it, take it as inspiration and make it better.

    The content is there, it just needs some work from a visual design and hierarchy standpoint.

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      Thank you for saying that my product is cool. I think I got your point. I will tweak it to fit users.

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    I tweaked the landing page according to the advice. If you can afford it, please look at the new landing page and give me some feedback!

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    Hi SunghoYahng --

    I'm sorry to disagree with the first poster, but I like your idea and I don't think your landing page needs a "complete rework". I thought it was charming and unique, and I think the ultra-plugged-in web residents you're chasing will think so too.

    I think it might benefit from a short video of someone using the software. Look at the demo at as an example.

    For me, the next things to focus on are:

    • how many users understand what you're making immediately? I think examples and clearer language could help you
    • since your call to action is "download Obit", I'd make that more prominent
    • maybe try to reduce the amount of text in the middle of the page. It's a lot of reading.
    • what's the core value proposition? If I use Obit, I'll get... smarter? Make that more clear.

    Finally, just a naming note, in case English isn't your first language: "obit" is commonly used as shorthand for "obituary". That's where my mind went first.

    Again, I'm interested in your success and wish you the best. Looking forward to hearing updates :)

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      Anyway, The name comes from Learn + Orbit. Obit is a word I didn't know at first, but later found out. But I like it because I think it fits the overall mood of LearnObit.

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      Thank you for understanding my point. And thank you for the specific advice. It will help tremendously to tweak my landing page.