Twitter Follow-For-Follow for macOS developers

Last year I learned Swift in my spare time and launched an app, Presentify. And, 2020 did only one thing right for me and that was making people use more video calling apps. Ergo, more people used Presentify to draw on their screen while on video calls.

However, as I am relatively new to this niche, I feel a lot could be improved in my app, and what better way to learn than to learn from peers. I am following a couple of Indie macOS developers on Twitter like @JPEGuin, @_inside, @twostraws, and more, and have learned quite a lot from them, honestly.

Therefore, making this post to expand my macOS network on Twitter and learn, inspire, appreciate each other's creation, success (or failure), and hard work. I will go first, here is my Twitter link: https://twitter.com/ram__patra

Can't wait to meet other macOS devs out there 🙌

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    I am a web developer, professionally, but I make apps on the side for Apple platforms. Not sharing anything though. 😅 Maybe I should. 🤔

    Feel free to reach out if needed. 😉

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      Thanks, Mihhail for commenting. Sure, you should share your journey making apps on the side on Twitter. I am certain there would be a lot to learn from it for others.

      This is why I did this follow for follow on Twitter so that like-minded devs can follow each other and learn & engage too.

      Gave you a follow on Twitter now. Looking forward to reading your story 👏

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        Cool! Followed you as well. I'll try to think of something Mac-y to tweet about. 🤓

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        @mlapushkin actually I looked at your paste app. You did that using web technologies (electron or something) or in Swift/Obj-C?

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      Thanks a lot, @tcurdt for your interest. Gave you a follow there 👍 .

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    Just followed you(@girishw). I recently released the MacOS version of https://www.reschedule.app built with Catalyst.

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      Thanks for your comment here. Have followed you back there. Will soon give your app a whirl. Bookmarked!

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        Thanks! Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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      Thanks a lot. Have followed you back. And, all the best for your launch!

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        Thank you very much. I hope to hit the front of TechCrunch, HN and PH soon :)

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          All the very best 👍

          Will keep an eye out.

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    Hi Ram! I'm a mac user, a full-stack web developer and a wannabe mac developer. Will be following all indiehackers in this thread! You can follow me here 👉 https://twitter.com/theagiledev

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      Done. Welcome to the club. I am relatively new too so it'll be fun!

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    I followed you there even though I am not a mac developer. 👏

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      Thanks, @sumitmalhotra. Followed you back!!

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