Community Building February 5, 2020

Twitter follow thread 2020.

Dmitrii Pashutskii @dpashutskii

Hey fellow hackers!

Last twitter follow thread was the last year and I think it's time to follow some new creators!

I am continuously looking to follow new makers/digital nomads/developers to build an interesting feed to read and discuss.

Post your profiles and I follow.

Twitter is my main social media, I tweet mostly about nomading/programming/making.

My account:

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    Hi Dmitrii!

    I'm Bugra, and I am currently working on two side projects: and
    My twitter handle:

    Nice to meet you!

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    Hi I‘m Fabian and currently working on a Social Media sideproject - more on that soon!

    1. 1

      Hey Fabian, I'm not too far away in Cologne ;) Followed!

    2. 1

      Hi Fabian, nice to meet you! Followed!

    1. 2

      Thanks for sharing Rosie, followed!

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    Hi Dmitrii,

    I am working on a few side-projects currently:

    My twitter handle

    1. 1

      A fellow Anton!!
      I'm @TonHutch on twitter. Happy to follow others and be inspired to make the same journey to freedom!

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    Hi, I'm Peter.

    I'm in London and was a developer before going fulltime into my side hustle to get eliminate passwords (

    I've always worked on random projects. Probably the most interesting one previously was remaking the london tube map.

  5. 3

    Would love to connect with other IndieHackers on Twitter. Here is mine

  6. 3

    Hi I'm Abinaya, helping people land remote jobs through

  7. 3

    Hi Dmitrii Pashutskii and everyone.

    I’m Tarun, iOS Developer

  8. 3

    Creator of & more. Motorbikes, books & the future. Part-time actor 🎭

  9. 3

    Elder indie hacker here. I have a couple projects going on including an eBook on design patterns and techniques for SaaS. I tweet a lot about development and travel (we travel full time in an RV).

    1. 1

      Awesome! Nice to see fellow traveler. It's my dream to try RV trip some day.

  10. 3

    I'm currently working on a couple of products and posting on

  11. 3

    I'm on
    Tweet mainly about building Holfolio (track and share your investments), and of course the mental run up in Tesla's stock price at the moment

  12. 3

    Hi, I'm Csaba, working on VectorStyler

    Not much posting for now.

  13. 3

    Hey! I'm Ryan. I'm working on a writing app called Polished

    My twitter is:

  14. 3

    Great idea! This is me:

    I'm currently working on It's a small side project I'm developing for fun.
    Looking forward to seeing what everyone is building

  15. 3

    Hi everyone! I'm new to IndieHackers, but have been involved in various projects for many years. Currently building to automate marketing planning by applying AI and machine learning. I post about marketing, tech, innovation and AI. My Twitter:

  16. 3

    Yeah, I wanted to give twitter a try to share my experiences on building!

  17. 3

    Hey everyone,

    Been a long time Indie Hacker but only pop in every once in a while. Actively building a few projects and always posting updates on Twitter.

    Twitter handle:

    1. 1

      Awesome! Looking forward to learning from experience! :)

  18. 3


    I'm working on a privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative at

    Not a massive Twitter user but I share my blogs and updates on how things are going every now and then.

    1. 2

      Nice! I like the product you're working on. I am slowly shifting away from all Google services though it's a long road.

  19. 3

    Hi Dimitrii,

    will follow you :)

    I am working on Epiloge with a partner

    Twitter handle (I admit, I haven't been tweeting anything for ages, need to change that)

  20. 3

    Good stuff.

    Not super active but happy to reactivate :)

    1. 2

      Awesome! Followed, looking forward to seeing more :)

  21. 2

    Hi I’m Jamal, a UI/UX designers and budding full stack web developer. Follow me @BeingThisGuy on twitter

  22. 2

    Hi, I'm Yarty! Realize this is an older thread but figure I'd jump in. I run a bookkeeping and tax business, but with the eventual aim of launching my own SaaS one day.

    Twitter handle:

  23. 2

    I'm so belated to this post but would still love to grow my community of interesting people on Twitter!

    I'm at

    At the moment I'm trying to write more but have a few side projects related to hacker health in the works!

  24. 2

    Hey Guys!

    Great to e-meet you all!

    I share a ton of great insight on email marketing for ecommerce.

    Looking forward to connecting!

  25. 2

    Hi hacker!

    I'm your follower. Working on an algorithmic approach to make a grocery list for you.

  26. 2

    Little late to the party, but 👋🐦. I'm a growth marketer at a SaaS product. Happy to connect with you all!

  27. 2

    Hi, I'm Mayowa Adegoke, and I'm currently working on a pretty cool government-citizenry connect app. My twitter handle's

    1. 1

      Followed and happy birthday!!

  28. 2

    Hey everyone!

    A bit late to the party, but oh well.
    Working on (just started),

    Tweeting on:

  29. 2

    Hey! I'm the Startup Evangelist at Bubble and I post my own stuff occasionally , but I really try to feed my feed with our users' builds!

  30. 2

    Growth and leadership coach to SaaS founders

  31. 2

    Hi Dmitrii, all,

    Amsterdam based hacker & consultant here.
    I mostly tweet about blockchain, Ethereum, open-source & start-ups.

    Usually, I visit a few hackathons a year to work on new ideas and side-projects. I've launched several last years: a 'good first' Github browser, smart contract visualizer, a DAO dashboard and co-founded a blockchain education foundation.

    Looking forward to following and connect with some new people

  32. 2

    Hello, I'm Lucas, a Brazilian based in Ireland, I'm soon to release my singleton app, is not on yet), and my twitter is:

  33. 2

    WOW, GUYS! I didn't expect such a great reaction! It's so great to see so many fellow makers here. I think I followed everyone, if not, please post my your twitter in the comment to this comment :)
    It's so great to meet so many new people!

  34. 2

    I'm a serial-entrepreneur who loves sports and science.

    My twitter:

  35. 2

    I'm currently on a journey to become profitable with my projects. Here's my Twitter:

  36. 2

    Hey everyone!

    I’m Jacob and I’m a founder at - simple on-site messages app that helps you boost your website conversion rate.

    You can catch me on twitter here:

  37. 2

    Hi, I'm Lance and I tweet about startups, entrepreneurship, and fund raising.
    Startup Advising:

  38. 2

    Hi, I'm Farza :). I'm working on Zip - Stripe Atlas for homeschools :)

  39. 2

    Hello Dmitrii, I'm Arnaud, you can find me

  40. 2

    Hey mate, thanks for remembering about this. Just follow you.

    Here's mine:

  41. 2

    This might sound meta, but I'm building a Twitter tool on helping people to build a Twitter audience:

    My app is Zlappo.

    1. 2

      Wow, this is awesome! Followed

  42. 2

    Hey there! Currently working on a shopping extension for amazon.

    Twitter is

  43. 2

    Hey, I'm at
    I'm a self taught full stack developer, currently building a social bookmarking & reading tool (Goodreads on steroids), still under the radar, launching beta soon!

  44. 2

    Hi! Fernanda here, maker of internet things. :) Followed you.

    1. 1

      @sammeseosa! I like the Froshlabs concept -

      1. 1

        @bismich Thank you!! It's been an idea floating in my head for a while now so it's been a good time actually making it become a reality

  45. 2

    Hey everyone! I'm Roshan and I tweet about Crypto, Blockchain, & Future Business Trends

  46. 2

    Oooh, last time I was in Bali, I really wanted to stay there. Nice!

    I'm an indie developer living in Paris, currently in the process of launching a new ad blocker for Safari. I'm talking a lot about it these days :)

  47. 2

    I'm product marketer, working on a few WordPress products and SAAS projects.

    My account:

  48. 2

    Hi, Sandro here! I am just starting to work for a fitness application for both Android and IOS in Flutter. Launching in June!


  49. 2

    Hi Everyone Johnny working on would love to follow more indiehackers!

  50. 2

    Hi Dmitrii, I hardly use twitter, but have been making it a point to get on it more often this year and grow my followers. Ive been working on a side project for some B2B software. I will start tweeting much more. Thanks! @robertsantoro Rob

  51. 2

    Hey, I'm Tela we're building 1Brand, a way for you to strengthen your brand in minutes, for free

  52. 2

    Hello everyone!

    I've decided to dedicate a large portion of 2020 for making (which I've been thinking about doing for ages) and I'm trying to get to know the makers' community here. 🙂

    My Twitter:

    1. 1

      Great! Nice to meet you as well!

      1. 2

        Followed you on Twitter! 😊

  53. 2 -
    for our project @ GrepMed - Image Based Medical Reference for Clinicians - We share some of our crowdsourced useful algorithms, decision aids, checklists, POCUS clips, physical exam examples and more. We're bigger on instagram ;)

  54. 2

    I tweet about growth hacking, B2B lead generation, sales funnels, and systems/automation.

    And shitposting time to time, go give me a follow:

  55. 2

    Love the idea, Dmitrii.

    On a side note, I have a question which has been going through my mind off late. Over the years of using Twitter, as the number of followings increased, so did the noise in my feed. More often than not, I miss an important tweet .

    Any strategy around this? Any specific tools?

    twitter handle :

    1. 1

      Good point. I haven't found it except pressing "See less often" button and unfollow the people I no longer interested to see tweets from.
      But I like my feed and I wouldn't expect any particular important information from it. It's more about communicating with very different people. For important stuff I usually use newsletters/blogs.

  56. 2

    Hi. I'm Eddy. I post about my videos for creating bootstrap applications and software engineering business in general and also the status of my most recent projects. I currently have my chrome extension in beta.
    Thanks for this post Dmitrii. I'll be following all the guys in this post too!

  57. 2

    The online Indie Hacker meetup Twitter >>

  58. 2

    Hey, I'm Tzeying ( and my co-founder, Ali ( are building Bellini Slushie (

    I generally tweet about the WIP I'm doing for Bellini Slushie and other side projects.

    1. 1

      Nice! Btw I know where this profile pic of Ali taken :)
      Been in this awesome village in Taichung last year. I love Taiwan, one of my favorite country in the world!

      1. 2

        Oh cool! We were there together at the Rainbow Village. Yea, Taiwan's my favorite country too. The food there is completely mind-blowing.

        Very nice to meet you btw :) This community never ceases to amaze.

  59. 2

    Hi there! I'm ZEBRA ( )
    I post some really interesting stuff that will educate, inspire and help you explore yourself and the world around you.

  60. 2 on twitter. Currently working on a Build Your SAAS This Weekend course in NodeJS and ReactJS.

    Thanks for this post. So many interesting twitters.

  61. 2

    I tweet mostly about software dev, but might tweet more about indie stuff in the future:

  62. 2

    Hi Dmitrii and everyone.

    I’m Martin a software engineer, love to work as a full stack. I love to write as well and share some thoughts on startups and side projects on a regular basis. Love Twitter since it’s my main social media:

    (Already followed everyone on the thread 🙌) eager to read you

  63. 1

    Not building anything in specific but always busy with something new!

  64. 1

    Following everyone! This is my profile

    I'm working on Q&A page as a knowledge base to showcase your expertise.

  65. 1

    Hey! I'm Jordan and I post tutorials about UX design:

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