Twitter List Manager: next steps?

Hi all, Twitter allows you to create lists of users, but its editing tools are limited. Thus my side project, which so far has been used by a few thousand people:

Feedback so far has been positive. Now as a next step I'm considering introducing paid features for "power users" (multiple account support, batch edit operations, or shared list editing). Could anyone share experience or offer guidance? Thanks! #product-feedback-request

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    Looks like an interesting project.

    I agree with @devhoag find the key features needed for them to start paying and build them. Then slowly add more features. Don't try to build everything at the start.

    Also you will need to change your landing page design if you want to start charging.

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    HI @metawilm,

    Do you have a way of communicating with your current users?

    If so, have you asking your current users, what pain points do they still have that you might be able to address?

    Then you could follow up by asking if you created said feature and it addressed their need, would they be willing to pay for it, and how much?

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      Hi Will, good point. Yes I have interacted with users, first by opening a chatbox automatically asking how to improve (got many suggestions, many implemented; but also the feedback that this was too annoying). Now the users can email or chat, the link for that is pretty clear at the top, and what I mentioned are things that came up. I have not asked directly anyone how much they'd be willing to pay. But there a handful supports on Patreon and others donate a bit in other ways. I'm thinking the power features are valuable enough to charge a modest monthly subscription.

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