May 22, 2019

U.S.A. Sales Taxes on Digital Good

Marco Edemanti @MarcoEde

Hi Indie Hackers,
Together with friends we are currently working on a platform that will provide digital service to our customer.

We are based in Italy and we are having problem understanding which are the sales taxes to pay if we sell our product to American based user.

We need to pay the state sales taxes from where the client made the purchase ?
Having no nexus in America do we need to apply those taxes?

How did you deal with this problem?

Any help is appreciate :)

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    Ciao @MarcoEde! As a EU business that sells digital products you don’t have to collect sales tax in USA unless you have a nexus in any US state.

    There are different types of nexus but economic nexus are the most common for non-US businesses.

    This guide will give you more information about US sales tax nexus:

    Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help 😉

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    Hi @MarcoEde, did you find any answer to any of your questions? I am also looking for those answers at the moment.