Design and UX March 28, 2020

UI sketch tool for developer?


I used to use paper but any simple and free online tool for UI design/mockup tool for a developer?

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    Figma has everything you'll need.

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    Design process - Usually a combo of pen & paper, Wireframe CC, MarvelApp/ Proto IO

    I used the same process for all my side projects, even a project to be built on web builder.

    Hope it helps @eldy

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    +1 on Figma. It's easy to get started with and covers all your needs.
    On a more abstract level, I can also recommend whimsical.

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    As a developer, I can say Figma can be overkill coming from the paper but go for it. I started from the mockup, now in Figma I have all design documentation. It saves tons of time.

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    Just tried Whimsical recently and it's been a good experience

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  8. 1 has a pretty generous free tier

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