Landing Page Feedback March 25, 2020

uncluttered - looking for feedback on the homepage / intro video

Ian Chiles @uncluttered

Hey y'all,
I'm finally feeling pretty happy with uncluttered to post it here and ask for feedback, been working on it for long enough. I've just recorded a new homepage video, looking for feedback!

Thank you :)

Check it out :

  1. 2

    Big ups dude. Your landing page is awesome. The subtlety of the design a color fits the theme of the idea very well.

  2. 1

    Really liked your landing page it's clean and explains what your product, but I found some small issues here and there you might want to look at it.

    1. Desktop max-width is too small "840px" because of which it looks squished you might want to bump it up to "1200px".
    2. Feature headings are smaller than the description which makes it look wired at least for me.

    Other than these everything is great.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback! I'll play around with max-width some, it's been on my TODO for the whole app for a little bit and get those headings fixed on up

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