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Uncommon Collective

Hi indie hackers,

Recently decided to step out and work on an idea that is more complex, may bring less profit but more significant to me and the people involved.

Starting my first bootstrapped business while working full-time to close the gap between knowledge, skill and manage my time was much harder than I thought. More specifically there were other obstacles as an Asian person of faith faces may be tricky to navigate. I almost gave up multiple times. But now that I am a little future along my journey. I would like to help other disenfranchised Asian founders build something of their own that's sustainable and meaningful.

That's why I am building Uncommon Collective (UC).

Uncommon Collective is an authentic purpose-driven community of founders and those that help them flourish holistically. Our community is a catalyst that makes access to a like-minded collective with radical mentorship, events and a redemptive network of faith-driven business leaders and changemakers who understand the Asian & startup context common.

The hope is the build UC to be uniquely positioned to help early-stage Asian immigrant founders of faith move through obstacles or questions around:

  • Clarity of identity - e.g "I am not fully Asian or Australian" - what shapes & reshapes it? > business leaders, changemakers and psychology that provide this
  • Clarity of Purpose - "what is it and how can I discover clarity on my 'why' or 'calling'? >business leaders, changemakers and psychology that provide this
  • Clarity of Faith - "how does my faith effectively apply to inform and enable me in this context?" >Faith driven leaders in the business context that provide this
  • Clarity of Business - how do I build the business know-how to start and grow my business effectively
  • Community - How can I belong if I don't know anyone else > like-minded people whole understand the struggles of being an Asian founder that provides this
  • Momentum - how to build momentum > community-based accountability

The business model would be a subscription-based for a customer with access to:

  • up to 2 session of 1-1 mentoring
  • community & accountability space but online and physical (TBC)? In-person drop-in helps sessions potentially.
  • Free pass to all events, content, and subsidised courses

4 key stakeholders would be key

  • Service providers
  • Partnering mentors
  • Customers
  • Potentially volunteers.

Partners or service provider don't need to of the same faith. Since it's not exclusive to faith-driven founders, but some key aspects would speak to them.

I would love to hear your feedback on how valid this idea and ideas for an MVP if it is valid.


Do you think its a sustainable business idea?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Depends on a lot of thing, especially execution
  4. I don't know
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    Hey guys @steven_mcc @J0noSnow @Loko @chrisc0015 @channingallen hope you are all doing well! I am considering a Web App potentially a solution if research supports it. Would be great to hear your thoughts and if you know anyone I should speak to?

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