Underrated Acquisition Channel - Posting On Competitor Feature Requests

Just posted a link to my new app Program Tree on a feature request thread for a competitor product.

Over 230 people who have the problem my app solves will receive an email notification about my app.

Posting on feature request threads is a great way to acquire early users for your new SaaS app.

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    I don't quite understand. You seem to have an app on Atlassian's Marketplace, and you posted this on Atlassian feature requests page. Isn't this more like "posting on the marketplace you're building on the top feature pages"?

    Great idea btw.

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      The feature request is on a page for Advanced Roadmaps. It does't come with standard Jira, it costs extra.

      But yes, posting on other feature request pages for standard Jira is simply on the product you're building on top of.

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    Yes! Also competitor or platform forums are a great place to get ideas for products. It shows you want people are asking for. For example, Hubspot ideas forum lets you see how many votes it has, how long it's been a request, and where it is on the roadmap.

    hubspot ideas forum screenshot

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    I understand the logic of doing this.

    But won't this lead pretty quickly to your competitor banning you from their page?

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      This hasn't happened to me yet but I suppose this is a possibility.

      Because I'm building my app on top of Jira I think there's more leeway for these posts as Atlassian gets a small cut of my sales from the app store.

      I've found posts get left alone if it's relevant to the feature request and/or discussion in the comments and you offer it like an alternative in the meantime.

      Also, many of the feature requests I post on have the status "Gathering Interest". This means the feature isn't necessarily on the roadmap and they may never build it. In this case I don't think it matter as much to post your product as an alternative

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    Nice, do you know how many of them signed up?

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      So far just the one trial from this particular thread.

      Other feature request threads I've posted on in the past have yielded 10-20 trials.

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        Not bad! Thanks for the info 🙌

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    Also a pretty gutsy move—hope it pays off for you!

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