Underrepresented founder?

In an attempt to support a more diverse group of indie hackers, if you identify as a woman, class yourself 'BAME' or another category you feel I haven't mentioned then drop a link to your Twitter, blog, or product. (Or any link you feel is relevant).

Alternatively, if you know an underrepresented indie hacker, please feel free to link or tag them in.

I'll do what I can to raise your voice, personally or via Indie Hackers.

Hopefully, other indie hackers can join in to lift up people's voices.

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    Honestly feels weird to promote myself in this way, as I'd rather be known by my work, not my lack of representation. But I can't deny the leg up will be helpful. 😅

    Here goes nothing!

    Twitter: @lesley_pizza
    Building Newsletter Glue

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      You go for it. There's no shame in openly sharing!

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      I get you.

      You will be known for your work. 😊

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      I know the feeling :) To be successful, we're all going to have to do things we don't want to do.

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      I can get behind this @lesleypizza. ⬆️ 🤙🏻

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      Sometimes shameless promotion is ok!
      Love your twitter name, following you there!

      Also very cool product!

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    If any of you are interested in coming onto the IH Podcast to share your story, then share some info about your product+story+revenue below and I'll take a look!

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      Thank you! I would love to come and speak about how technology can (save) and advance human craftsmanship! I'm a female founder from Vietnam, a huge textile country populated by fast fashion. I'm trying to change the narrative and bring more opps to artisans worldwide through our startup TAILORU (.com).

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    I had to Google what 'BAME' is 😊 but on a serious note, special thanks to you Rosie and Csallen for this awesome platform. Although I am late to the party, nonetheless, I am pumped up to be here at this time.

    I am at an early phase of building a benefits management platform for the self employed (in Canada) @ https://genefits.co. I am still figuring out all the necessary moving parts to create a great product. In the meantime, I started a susbtack (genefits.substack.com) to share business insights with my target demographics.

    Thank you!

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    Would love to connect!
    STARTUP SITE: https://tailoru.com/
    PERSONAL SITE: https://www.thuminhdo.com/

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      Bookmarked your personal site. It's amazing!

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        Thank you for the encouragement!

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    Hey thanks for the support.
    We're BAME founders working on https://validatemystartup.com to help founders quickly discover feedback on their product/idea

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      Awesome idea! Price might be a little higher IMHO. Free trial or lower tier for around $10/$15 would be a nice starting point.

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    Appreciate your support @rosiesherry.

    Twitter: @KamilaHerkova
    Building OrgPad

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    Thanks Rosie!

    I'm working on Keysmith (https://keysmith.app) which lets you make custom keyboard shortcuts for your Mac and the web.

    I'm just getting back on Twitter at @dmoreh_, and the product account is @KeysmithApp

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    Thanks so much @rosiesherry for the support!

    I'm a it late to the party (but still joining it anyway ;)).
    It's great to discover so many cool startups and visions, cheers to everyone on this thread!

    I'm an arab female founder of a collaboration platform that helps team think together in meetings, make better decisions and get stuff done. Yup... I'm in a giants' playground but it's probably how I like to play it!

    My product website: https://www.excelway.co/
    My product twitter: https://twitter.com/Excelway_co

    Take good care y'all :)

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    Hi Rosie, I just found IndieHackers today and am a female start-up app entrepreneur and also am on the Austistic spectrum. In the interests of diversity, accessibility and inclusivity I would like to say I have struggled a little with barriers to entry using this website. There is a lack of navigation, routemaps, signposts and other ways to welcome a wider pool of users into the fold. We all process individually. My experience is I am not right and am being excluded from this experience of joining this community. It won't let me post or tell me why.

    This alienates me as a creative, problem solving app developer who does not always process easily, particular new unfamiliar environments with outward facing not customer perspective navigation. We are not seeing the signposts to enter this easily without barriers and blockages. It is putting me in the wrong and no explanation why. In the interests of neurodiversity and inclusivity, there ought to be a quide for first time visitors to not keep hitting barriers to entry. Simple dos and don'ts, word lengths, link in text or link in text. instructions for first time visitors is always accessible and inclusive for a wider section of the entrepreneur community. I am put off by fumbling in the dark without clear communication.

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    Hi @rosiesherry, hi everyone! I'm a female founder juggling parenting and entrepreneurship every day. Love the support!

    Building an online service to learn about parenting and child psychology through 5-minute daily listenings.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/basakbuilds
    Product: https://apparent.today

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    You're the real MVP:
    Twitter: @RichardAwoyemi
    Blog: coming soon, will update shortly!

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    Hi @rosiesherry What a joy to connect today! It is indeed a great joy to join this community. I just joined this wonderful community today. New to many of the activities here. But roaming around to find more and the exploring activities of the members.
    About me: I am a freelance writer, blogger, internet marketer and expert in expert roundup post developer. My twitter handle is @pvariel blog at pvariel.com

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    We are a BAME founder led company! We specialise in working with SaaS and B2B companies! Link here: https://www.interestingcontent.co.uk/



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    I'm not BAME, but I wanted to hop in and say how much I appreciate this thread. I'm discovering some incredibly cool startups, podcasts and newsletters!

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      Thanks Tara.

      I always worry that doing this stuff will come across the wrong way. I want to get better.

      I'm half Latina myself and I often get down there aren't enough women indie hackers. Gotta keep trying to do what I can.

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        I had a fantastic conversation with a Native American business leader friend of mine (coming up on the podcast!) the other day and he brought up that focusing too narrowly on how discrimination and privilege works doesn't solve the issue, it just reinforces it. As he put it, "We're trying to break down hierarchies. Why on earth would we establish more hierarchies to do this?" He joked that if there was a "hierarchy of discrimination" that he would "win" as a Native American, so shouldn't he get the first say in all of this (of course he doesn't believe in this contest, but wanted to make the joke as it helps him make a point)?

        It's not about wrong way/right way. The right way is always to bring these topics to the forefront and encourage open and frank conversations so we can get to the bottom of why things are so dysfunctional in the first place. Heaven knows I'm making gaffs left and right (especially in the podcast series we're doing right now), but those gaffs lead to learnings. If we don't mess up, we don't learn.

        In other words, you're doing great. :)

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          This makes a lot of sense actually.

          I struggle trying to comprehend everything. It overwhelms me and leaves me at a loss of what to actually do.

          I'm much more of a 'doer'. I've always felt (for me) trying to do positive things, taking steps forward, and helping individuals is much more worthy than spending time discussing and debating things.

          Thank you 🥰

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            This is a great platform well done for all your work Rosie

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      Random note: your website link ( www.truly.inc ) doesn't seem to be working.

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    I have a podcast that highlights Hackathons, Makeathons, Editathons and related innovation marathon events.

    Podcast: https://anchor.fm/thehackathonpodcast
    Blog: https://medium.com/hackathon-entertainment

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    Thank you!

    Building: Koody
    Twitter: @Koodyco

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    Thanks @rosiesherry! Had to look up BAME 😀

    I'm an underrepresented founder, and I feel very supported by this community. Thank you all.

    My Twitter is https://twitter.com/VicVijayakumar
    I'm building https://www.everyoak.com/

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    Thank you @rosiesherry 🙏

    Twitter: @rickmichaeln

    Building: http://millionhours.co/

    Project: Matchmaking platform for struggling businesses in need of professional support and experts willing to offer their hours to help them revitalise their businesses.

    Would love others to help me launch it! 🚀

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      Good idea will look into in more depth.

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    Thanks you for this! :)

    Twitter: @Sysenfor

    We built:
    Crypto to Cards (Cryptotocards.com, clearnet version as well as ZeroNet and ZeroNet mobile versions)

    N46protocol.com (Offline LoRaWAN data transfer standard)

    • deployed lots more, focus on Rust and P2P tech (Dat Protocol, ZeroNet)

    Our site: EnforSys.ca

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    This guy is making something nice with 1mb

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    I think I have such a cool product to help Developers learn new stuff, and keep up to date!

    Please consider giving me a follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DailyDevTips1
    Or subscribe to my mailing list: https://daily-dev-tips.com/

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      Nice, gave you a follow on Twitter, your website is delightfull!

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