April 10, 2019

Understanding your acquisition channels

Sten Pittet @spittet

Hey IH! So we're in a good spot because we have a few companies signing up for our service every week however I couldn't really tell you how they find out about us.

We do have Mixpanel and GA but it takes a lot of clicking around to get the data. Do you have a good strategy/toolset to be able to know where your leads come from?

One thing we want to do this quarter is focus on just 1 or 2 growth channels and see if we can drive things up that way.


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    One simple thing I did was to track the "signup" event at GA.

    I then created an objective related to this event.

    Finally, I went on the Acquisition > All trafics > Referrals, ordered by my event, and this helps me see which referreing websites are converting the best :)

    Easy peasy

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      Yup, we have a converted event in Mixpanel but it seems as if you can't get stats on the event itself. Might switch to GA for that.

      1. 2

        @spittet Setting up a goal in GA and then looking at the reverse goal path can be a good starting point.

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    In addition to technical solutions, I recommend reaching out to your customers and talking to them one-on-one, and possibly surveying them.

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      Definitely going to put a survey out to the users, we're actually crafting a small set of questions as I'm writing this. I've been conducting interviews regularly but so far I haven't seen a clear trend (some word-of-mouth though, which is cool at our stage).

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    You can also try running a search on Ahrefs or Moz and see what backlinks you get.

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      I have Ahrefs on top of the list of tools that I need to try. I listened to the podcast and was quite impressed.

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