Design and UX November 8, 2020

unDraw just doesn't get enough credit!


I just want to say Katerina Limpitsouni the creator of unDraw just doesn't get enough credit.

It's so amazingly built and used all across the globe.

Thank you!!!

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    Lots of Indie hackers think it is over used, but our customers and their customers love it.

    Amazing resource and you're correct it doesn't get enough credit.

  2. 3

    unDraw is awesome for non-saas products imo. Everyone and their entire extended family uses unDraw. If you're building for designers/makers/developers or anyone who may come in contact with unDraw multiple times, I'd recommend purchasing a different pack.

  3. 1

    Hi, I'm the developer of unDraw and it's really awesome to see this post! Thank you @sebh1234 on behalf of Katerina! It truly means a lot to both of us!

  4. 1

    I just learned why I keep seeing the same illustrations everywhere.

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