Unpopular opinion: PPC is more valuable for long-term strategy than SEO

There is a constant battle between SEO and PPC. PPC-enthusiasts say that paid ads are the only way to scale and scale fast... On the other side, the SEO-gang argues that investing in search engine optimization is the only sound long-term investment a website can make.

I am not here to argue with either claim.

I will say, however, that PPC does have something unique to offer and that is data. You can test and validate much more using paid ads. You can gain valuable insights into what messaging strategy works, which visuals are the most engaging, or even run CRO experiments. These can all uncover key factors for your marketing strategy.

SEO can't offer that. What you can do with data here is limited. Or is it?

Join our Data-driven SEO Challenge and find out. The challenge has one single goal: to make you a data-savvier SEO and digital marketer in general.

Join in at the Data-Driven SEO Hub on LinkedIn.

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    Well, I get more traffic from SEO than PPC, which has been mostly negative ROI. So my direction is to concentrate on content marketing to increase SEO and look into SMM, which may involve PPC. LOL

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